What is the best age to be sexually active

what is the best age to be sexually active

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Jul 18, Jul 18, If youre past your 30th birthday, the following might be some bad news: Men have the most sex between the ages of 25 and 29, says a new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Jul 11, What Dr. Irala is referring to is the claim, frequently repeated by the mass media, that the mean age at first sexual intercourse is 15 years old. This claim frequently surfaces in the debates on how to prevent AIDS, when it is invariably asserted that the majority of adolescents at 15 years old have engaged in sexual activity.

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Does it mean that you and your partner are going to be completely naked and shed the vulnerability? Many questions have crossed our minds as a curious child, as a growing teen, and as an adult.

And this credit read blameunfortunately, goes to our sex education system. According to experts, 18 is the right age for both men and women to become sexually active. While there are numerous theories which can suggest otherwise, we have found a very logical reason as to why experts believe 18 is the right age to start doing it. And no, this logical reason has nothing to do with our society and its norms.

We are talking pure science and how sex before the right age can affect you both physically and mentally. Let us decode why 18 is the right age for first time sex. When boys hit puberty, their testosterone levels rise and boys start feeling modifications in their body. It is around this age that they start to understand what erections are. And this can make boys take decisions like having sex in a jiffy. Therefore, when they enter the adult phase, which is post 17, they start to understand the repercussions of their actions better.

Their body is better equipped to handle emotions one can feel post-sex. Hence, 18 is the best age for men to start having sex to handle the baggage it carries, both physically and mentally. Their bodies go through a variety of changes which can sometimes come in the way of their mood. For women, sex post 18 is the best decision and the right age as before this, their bodies are underdeveloped and still not ready to go through a major hormonal transformation. A study shows that women who have sex before the age of 17 are more likely to be depressed than those who have it post Hence, sex before 18 years of age can carry even more of an emotional baggage than it carries for men.

While sex is important for health and can seem like a very big deal at a particular age, keep aspects like this in mind before you indulge in sex and may have regret it later. Do not shy away from using a condom or even buying a condom.

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May 03, Forty-six percent of to year-olds reported being sexually active, compared to 39 percent of to year-olds and 25 percent of to year . Jan 12, According to experts, 18 is the right age for both men and women to become sexually active. As you age, sex isn't the same as it was in your 20s but it can still be satisfying. Contrary to common myths, sex isn't just for the young. Many seniors continue to enjoy their sexuality into their 80s .

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The age at which adolescents become sexually active is a matter of debate. Those who would expose our children to pornographic sex education claim that by the mid-teens most teens are sexually active. The age at which teenagers begin to engage in sexual activity is a critical variable for those who would make public policy in the health field.

Early onset of sexual activity is associated with higher rates of sexually transmitted infections STIs , teen pregnancy, depression , suicide, and other adverse consequences. Just how to determine this age, however, can be difficult to determine, and some commonly used calculations can lead to grossly erroneous results, as a groundbreaking study by Dr.

Jokin de Irala has now demonstrated. Irala carried out a multinational survey of 7, adolescents of both sexes from private and public schools in Peru, El Salvador, and Spain, to gather data on the age of first sexual intercourse. It turns out that the second formulathe proportions having already had sex at given agesshows that most adolescents are chaste for far longer than the sex educators, and the media, would have us believe. What Dr. But this is simply not true.

The majority are, the data show, still chaste at that age. Of course, if public health officials believe that middle school-aged children are having sex, they will begin to push all kinds of programs in the schools that will have the perverse effect of encouraging children who are not sexually active to become so. This will have an adverse effect on the health of adolescents.

In the case of AIDS, it could even be fatal. It is misleading because it collapses the data into a single number. When you look at the complete data, as Dr. Irala has done, you realize that the proportion of adolescents 15 years of age who have already had sex is only 20 percent!

The most common mistake made in the other studies that Dr. Irala examined is using only the individuals who have already had sexual intercourse at a given age to determine the mean age at first sexual intercourse. This approach results in a number that only describes the sexually active part of the population of adolescents. But if you consider the entire universe of adolescentsboth those sexually active and those who are notthe results are very, very different.

Responsible public policymakers need to know that only a fraction of year-olds are sexually active. They need to know that it is counterproductive, even dangerous, to distribute condoms and contraceptives to all adolescents. They need to know that such programs only produce more adolescents having sex in circumstances that put them at emotional, physical, and moral risk. DOI More articles by Dr. Jokin de Irala here. It is no secret that the sexual revolution has led to a drastic decline in family formation and childbearing in Read more.

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Related Stories: Corrupted by Population Control? Comments are closed on this post. Search for:. April 13, It is no secret that the sexual revolution has led to a drastic decline in family formation and childbearing in Read more. Poland Leads the Way March 22, Poland is among the most Catholic and pro-life countries in Europe, so much so that even the Polish constitution declares Read more.

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