What is a tampon applicator

what is a tampon applicator

What are the Different Types of Tampon Applicators?

Jun 09,  · The cardboard tampon applicator is one of the first applicators to be invented and is an applicator that is made out of cardboard that helps you insert your tampon. At Blume, we offer cardboard applicators that are rounded for easier insertion and are % biodegradable, non threatening to your body and the planet. What are plastic applicators? Digital tampons do not come with an applicator and are meant to be inserted with a finger. The two main categories of tampon applicators are cardboard applicators and plastic applicators. There may be variations in size, color, and shape within these categories, but they all function similarly.

Tampons can make a lot of things easier, like going swimming or doing yoga. For leaping into the deep-end and not worrying about it budging or staying in place. First whwt first, choosing your tampon. We recommend starting out with Blume regular organic tampons. One of the most important things to remember is when to replace your tampon. TSS is a rare but serious bacterial infection; only about one how to remove ink from leather car interior ofwomen qhat diagnosed with it.

Cotton is an appliccator, reliable and natural material. Iis remember, the vagina is one of the most applicafor parts of our bodies. If you decide to engage in intercourse on your period remember, there is literally no rule that says you cannot have sex on your periodtake your tampon out! Tampons come in multiple absorbency types, include light, holding 4ml of blood, regular which holds up to 5ml of blood, super which holds up to 10ml how to convert aiff files to wav blood and super plus!

You bet! There are different types of tampon applicators that cater for all women during their periods. Tampon selection is a choice, and they come iz the form of several different applicators to make managing your period a hell of a lot easier. The cardboard tampon applicator is one of the first applicators to be invented and is an applicator that is made out of cardboard that helps you insert your tampon.

What are plastic applicators? Plastic tampon applicators are the most popular amongst women. Same thing as the cardboard applicator, but this one is made out of apllicator. A lot of whaat prefer the plastic tampon applicator as they feel they have more control over where it goes.

Cotton tampons with plastic applicators are most popular. Umm, is that sanitary? Yes, absolutely. Reusable tampon applicators are usually plastic hwat can be reused over a certain period of time when you are experiencing your monthly period.

Reusable tampon applicators are great for the environment. Using a tampon applicator is super easy! Of course, make sure you still wash your hands after the process. Is this more unsanitary? No way! Let us walk you through how to put a tampon in without an applicator. Shop Shop Products. Learn Blumetopia. Contact FAQ. Site by The Couch. What is wjat tampon applicator? What types of tampon applicators are here?

What are cardboard applicators? Are there reusable applicators? How do you use a tampon applicator? Just relax: Inserting a tampon can feel uncomfortable!

You can relax your vagina by tightening your pelvic muscle for three seconds, then slowly releasing it and relaxing the muscle. Get yourself into a comfortable position: The best positions to be in when inserting a tampon applicator is to place one leg on the toilet seat, stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and bend your knees, or sit on the toilet with your legs spread wide apart.

Some people like to squat, do whatever is most comfortable for you! Now, unwrap the tampon applicator: Use your non-writing hand to pull back the folds that cover the vagina. With your dominant hand, take your middle finger and your thumb and grip the applicator. Place your index finger at the end of the plunger on the applicator. Positioning: Position the applicator so it is at the entrance of your vagina and push it into your vagina towards your lower back.

This may sound uncomfortable but the more you relax the easier it will be. Once applicayor applicator is fully inside, push down on the plunger where your index finger is placed. This will insert the tampon into the correct place. Gently pull out the applicator: You should have a tampon firmly inserted in your vagina and the string of the tampon hanging out. First of appkicator, wash those hands! Unwrap the tampon and get yourself comfortable: Remember those positions we talked about above?

You can use those positions for inserting the tampon yourself also. With your non-writing hand, pull back iw folds around your vagina. With your dominant hand, hold the middle of how to improve communication skills in the workplace tampon, and place your index finger at the base where the string is.

Remember, relax. Gently push the tampon into the base of your vagina. Not sure how hard to push or for how long? Aim for your twmpon your back. It should be approximately one inch inside of you, with the string hanging out. Apllicator Tampons. Add to Cart. Related Posts. Skip to Cart. Complete your routine.

Will it hurt to put in a tampon?

Tampons are one method of absorbing menstrual flow during your period. Tampons are designed to be inserted into the vagina with or without an applicator. You may be surprised to learn that the FDA. Mar 06,  · Meaning, the applicator is hygienic, self-sanitizing, and does not have to be boiled after a cycle to stay free of bacteria, unlike most menstrual cups. The directions for inserting the D. May 10,  · The applicator has a larger, outer tube that holds the tampon, a “grip” area where you’ll hold it, and a smaller tube at the end with the string coming out. The smaller tube is actually a “plunger” that you use to push the tampon out when it’s time. Check out this diagram of a Tampax Pearl tampon to see each component.

For many, our periods arriving each month like clockwork is one of the most reliable aspects of our lives. With more and more options such as organic tampons and menstrual cups available, you can find what works best for you and your cycle.

Meanwhile, more than consumer testers provided feedback on ease of use and comfort. We only tested tampons that passed FDA evaluations that ensure they are safe for use and labeled correctly. Tampons are available in so many different varieties, from applicator to size. Whether you've had a heavy flow for years or are totally new to periods, we broke down all your tampon options and important considerations:. Absorbency : Available in sizes light, regular, super, super plus, and ultra, each tampon size holds a specific amount of menstrual blood psst: these absorbency labels are regulated by the FDA!

If you have never used a tampon before, try a light or regular size and then see if that works for your flow. If not, then move up to a higher absorbency, like super or ultra. To avoid Toxic Shock Syndrome which is rare , you should use the lowest absorbency tampon for your flow and change it every hours to minimize your risk.

Applicators : There are three main styles of applicators: plastic, cardboard, or no applicator. Generally, our tester panel preferred tampons with plastic applicators than cardboard or no applicator styles. Although, women who use no-applicator tampons highly recommended them; they found them easier to use while leaving less waste. Shape : When filled with fluid, tampons typically take three specific shapes: they either unfold side to side, unfold degrees around, or just expand.

Testers didn't have a significant preference to any one shape, but our lab tests found that the styles that expand are less-suited for a heavier flow as they don't hold onto liquid as well. These tampons were the overall winners in our test — plus, they're the best organic tampon, too!

Tampax organic tampons got high scores for absorbing fluid, producing minimal shedding, and being comfortable according to our testers. Testers liked the ease of use features such as the tabs on the wrapper, making it easier to open, and the grips on the applicator for easy insertion.

In lab testing, these tampons were absorbent and shed minimally. Testers especially liked that these tampons were super comfortable, and the packaging was quiet when opening — a huge complaint with other brands. These organic tampons were top performers and are made by Seventh Generation, which is a B Corp company with an ethical ethos. They use no fragrances, dyes, or chlorine bleach when producing these tampons. Our testers gave these tampons high scores for comfort, while our lab tests found them absorbent too.

If you have never used a tampon before, Tampax Radiant is the perfect place to start. These tampons feature a plastic applicator with a grip that our testers said made for easier insertion.

These were the only style of tampons tested to feature resealable wrappers for discreet disposal, which was a favorite feature among our testers! When it came to tampons to wear when exercising or swimming, our panel highly recommended Playtex Sport tampons. Testers liked the contoured plastic applicator and the grip for a more comfortable insertion.

In our lab tests, these o. Organic tampons received high scores for holding onto fluid to prevent leaks. They didn't absorb as much as other styles, so they are great if you have a lighter flow. Playtex Simply Gentle Glide tampons are one of the few styles with a plastic applicator available in ultra size. Our testers gave them high scores for being comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Keep in mind that ultra tampons should only be used when you know you have a heavier flow and need maximum protection. Subscription boxes make it easy to always have the products you need once your period arrives — never be caught off guard without your favorite tampon.

Lola subscription boxes let you choose a variety of tampons and pads to be included in each shipment. This tampon brand offers light tampons not common in many brands , which our testers found comfortable to wear and remove. They feature a pocket at the base to keep your fingers protected when inserting.

Plus, these tampons have an extra-long string, making for easy removal. Product Reviews. Home Ideas. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. What Is Thin Privilege? Which type of tampons are best? Whether you've had a heavy flow for years or are totally new to periods, we broke down all your tampon options and important considerations: Absorbency : Available in sizes light, regular, super, super plus, and ultra, each tampon size holds a specific amount of menstrual blood psst: these absorbency labels are regulated by the FDA!

Here are our top picks for the best tampons of Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Tampax amazon. Seventh Generation. Seventh Generation amazon. Playtex amazon. Lola mylola.

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