What happened to elijah wood

what happened to elijah wood

The Dark Reason Why Elijah Wood’s Career Stalled After Lord Of The Rings

Dec 14,  · Whatever Happened To Elijah Wood? A Lot, As It Turns Out. DO-NOT USE. There was a point during the early Noughties where Elijah Wood was everywhere. Apr 21,  · Recently, Elijah Wood appeared in BBC America's Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, a remake of a British crime comedy series that got the ax after a .

He has an older brother, Zach, and a younger sister, Hannah Wood. He is of English, German, Austrian, and Danish descent. Demonstrating a gift for performing at a young age, Wood's natural talent inspired his mother to take him to an International Modeling and Talent Association annual convention in Los Angeles.

Soon after, he began to get bookings for small parts on television. Although his first credit wyat a small part in Back to the Future Part IIWood's first major film role was in the 'Barry Levinson' historical family drama Avalon Following how to use cxbx emulator, Wood became an in-demand child actor, appearing in a happenned of major films such as ParadiseRadio Flyer and The Good Sonin which he co-starred with Macaulay Culkin.

This was followed by the first role for which he received top-billing, North Although the film was widely hapepned and a disaster at the box office, Elijah was praised as the only good thing to come out of it. In Elijah starred in a movie remake of an old TV show, Flipper Many critics wondered if his ability as a child actor to capture an wwhat was wearing thin, as had many child actors', but Wood deftly transitioned into a versatile performer wjat roles such as the endlessly curious Mikey Carver in Ang Lee ' ensemble film The Ice Stormas well as parts in popcorn flicks like Deep Impact and The Faculty Wood's work in Peter Jackson 's film adaptations of J.

The actor followed his work in the astronomically successful trilogy with a broad range of interesting screen roles and voice work, including a supporting role in Michel Gondry 's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Bappenedas well as the part of a sinister mute sociopath in Sin City His voice work has been featured in ti animated films as Happy Feet and 9as well as on television series including American Dad!

Sign In. Edit Elijah Wood. Showing all 84 items. Melissa Joan Hart wanted him to play the male lead in Drive Me Crazy because she thought it would take some of the pressure off her in her first leading role. However, she was told that he looked too young next whta her, and the role went to Eijah Grenier.

Elijah has an older brother, Zack Wood b. Presented at Academy Awards in place of Macaulay Wha. He heard about the Lord of the Rings trilogy while filming The Faculty Immediately, he sensed that this was the chance of a lifetime.

He shot the scene from different angles which were cut together for the hapened. They sent the video off to New Zealand elojah director Peter Jackson what are the best smartphones today a few months later, he got the part. Owns one of two happenev rings used in "Lord of the Rings.

However, within a few months he moved back into his mother's guest house in Santa Monica, California, where he lived previously, stating go couldn't justify the rent on the apartment since he spent so little time there. He has since moved into his own home in Venice Beach, California.

He became a child model when his mother wanted him to burn off excessive energy. Admits yappened owning thousands of CDs in many 200 meters is equal to how many centimeters genres, because he loves music so much.

Is the first member of the official "Lord whatt what happened to elijah wood Rings" fanclub. Suffered acute appendicitis and was briefly hospitalized [August ].

Dressed up and rode on a float as the god of wine how to book a repositioning cruise mirth to head the Bacchus parade in New Orleans, Louisiana, for Mardi Gras in February, In the original book "The Lord of the Rings," Frodo is 50 years old when he leaves Bag End, which makes him the oldest of what is iophen c nr four lead hobbits.

Wood is actually the youngest of the four actors. His favorite movie is Harvey His uncle is Turk E. Krause from the band 'Molly Nova and the Hawk'. Each of the nine Fellowship members got the same tattoo: the number nine written in Elvish. Elijah's is on his pelvic how to password protect documents on the right side. Served as the Bacchus of the Mardi Gras Parade, and returned the following two years.

Received an injury under his happenee during the filming of Green Street Hooligans aka "The Yankleaving a visible scar. Frequently attends the popular annual gaming convention known as E3 Electronic Entertainment Exposition which takes places in Los Angeles at the convention center. The week long event features all of the soon-to-be-released games elijaah gaming systems and is open to those working in the gaming industry.

His favorite actors are Emma Thompson and Tim Roth. Roger Ebert called him "The most talented actor in his age group in Hollywood history. Was ranked 16 in E's 50 cutest child stars all grown elijh Godzilla is his least favorite movie.

His family owned a deli which they sold so they could move to California. Was ranked 2 on Entertainment Weekly's '30 Under 30' the actors list. First person to ever cross Southern Happene Victoria Falls by rope. He said that it was what made him fall in love with horror films, that it remains one his all-time favorite horror movies, and that he has introduced it to several of his friends over the years.

New York apartment with wht sister Hannah Wood. Finished filming The Oxford Murders Filming Everything Is Illuminated in Prague. Day Zero is completed and is going to be released on January 18th, Bought a house in Venice, California. Says he hopes to launch his record label by the end of the year. Was considered for the lead role in Richie Rich Was the first choice for the lead role in Eragon Was what does travis mean in the bible for the role of Justin Cobb in Thumbsucker dhat, but was deemed too old for the role.

Tested for the lead role of William Miller in Almost Famous I want to continue my life the way I live it, and I'm not going to let anything stop me from doing that. It isn't all about acting. There's a lot more to life than Hollywood. I wanted to live up to all of the expectations. But when I got into costume and worked with the others, I just hwppened think what happened to elijah wood it anymore.

I think being different, being against the grain of society, is the greatest thing in the world. There is a massive transformation, but the journey should have a physical effect on him, which makes sense as I look a lot older than when I started filming.

I was 18 then, and it's appropriate that he looks older, too. And if I've done my job right, then you should empathize with him. When it came to the end, I was very emotional. I was wod, I couldn't breathe, and the last bits of the movie really wrecked happehed. They gave each actor his own farewell, when we were back there earlier this year. Elkjah go on to a sound stage and Peter [director Peter Jackson ] would make a speech about each actor and then bring in their sword and a clapperboard.

It was completely overwhelming. When it came time for me to give a speech, I was so gone I just couldn't do it. I now have the ears, the feet, the sword, the Ring, and one of the maps of Middle-Earth.

The whole thing has had a massive impact on us. I think Bill [ Billy Boyd ] and Dom [ Dominic Monaghan ] and I are thinking about buying a house here [in New Zealand], because we don't want to lose our connection with the country. It makes most sense to go in on a place because we could use it like a timeshare and then holiday at different times or together.

But we're so lazy and completely hopeless at doing things, so it remains to be seen if it'll ever happen. That's a great feeling. And I think that, as it comes to a close, we look to the relationships forged in New Zealand and throughout the experience, and they will carry on. The fellowship will carry on. And that gives us great hope.

Our lives will interweave forever. I remember Peter [ Peter Jackson ] actually crying on set after a few takes. It was a real defining elijag for Sean [ Sean Astin ] and I, wat only in this film, but in our acting" [December 14, ]. We don't want to lose our connection with New Zealand - I love the country and I love Wellington and I want to go back. I would love to have a place to live there if I do go back for any period of time.

It would just be a time share. It makes the most sense for us to go in on a place, 'cause then we can happendd a great place. We woid be there together and have holidays there, or if I wanted to go there and epijah there for a little while I could.

It just kind of makes sense. Then we could rent it out when we aren't there. That's the idea, anyway. On hearing this, Billy Boyd said, "Elijah said that, huh? He put a curse on it. My philosophy has always been to try to put myself into roles and films that are different.

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Mar 24,  · The shooting happened Friday at the store off Macon Highway in Watkinsville. year-old Elijah Wood was murdered on March 19, at some point after 1 a.m. while working at RaceTrac in. Elijah Wood, Actor: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Elijah Wood is an American actor best known for portraying Frodo Baggins in Peter Jackson's blockbuster Lord of the Rings film trilogy. In addition to reprising the role in The Hobbit series, Wood also played Ryan in the FX television comedy Wilfred () and voiced Beck in the Disney XD animated television series TRON. Apr 20,  · Elijah Wood stormed onto our silver screens as a young gamer guy in Back To The Future – and the Hollywood actor has landed some epic roles since.. Most notably, Wood Author: Francesca Donovan.

Once described by veteran film critic Roger Ebert as "the most talented actor in his age group in Hollywood history," Elijah Wood's transformation from child prodigy to global superstar can be summed up in five simple words: The Lord of the Rings. Like his character in Peter Jackson's original trilogy, the fresh-faced year-old agreed to shoulder a heavy burden when he took on the part of Frodo Baggins, leading a blockbuster franchise that carried the expectations of millions of J.

Tolkien fans the world over. Quite a few years have passed since then, and while the cultural impact of the films along with the three prequels has kept The Lord of the Rings relevant, its young star seems to have faded entirely. How did he go from being one of the most recognizable actors in the world to someone operating on the fringes of the industry?

Here's the real reason we don't hear about Elijah Wood anymore. Wood recently got on the wrong side of Hollywood execs when he told a UK newspaper that the American film industry was full of sexual predators targeting young actors. However, Wood later backtracked on his controversial comments with a statement.

But as I made absolutely clear I have no first-hand experience or observation of the topic. When The Lord of the Rings came to its epic if a little drawn-out conclusion with Oscar juggernaut Return of the King, the face of the trilogy was in serious danger of typecasting.

To make sure that didn't happen, Wood immediately sought out the most un-Frodo-like parts he could, playing a perverted technician in Michel Gondry's indie favorite Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and a creepy cannibal in the adaptation of Frank Miller's Sin City. He even went on to play a brutal serial killer in the remake of Maniac , but even then, he couldn't escape the shadow of the Shire.

I've worked on a bunch of vastly different movies since then. I guess what it showed is that Frodo's never going away. The Lord of the Rings transcended the thing of simply being films. They've entered popular culture in an extreme and probably irreversible way. One way to deal with typecasting is to take on roles that don't involve showing your face. While Wood's time in the public eye has seemed spotty over the years, he's actually been hard at work behind the scenes, providing voices for animated characters in everything from kids' television to video games.

He voiced the titular purple dragon in three consecutive The Legend of Spyro games between and , and more recently, he's popped up in the "gorgeous, impeccably written adventure" Broken Age. Of course, Wood's most recognizable voice role is that of Mumble, the penguin protagonist of the box office smash and Academy Award-winning animated feature Happy Feet. In , he played the eponymous rag doll in Shane Acker's animated sci-flick 9 , and a few years later, he loaned his voice to the Emmy Award-winning Cartoon Network fantasy miniseries Over the Garden Wall.

Wood also joined the Star Wars universe, or at least his pipes did. While most of us associate Elijah Wood with the movie business, the actor has actually been quite active in the music industry for a number of years. He even started his own label, Simian Records, in , hoping to provide a home to talented bands from all genres.

But he was first introduced to life in the recording studio by Viggo Mortensen, contributing to a song on the actor's collaboration with experimental guitarist Buckethead, Pandemonium From America. Titled "Half Fling" a play on "halfling," a term used to describe hobbits , this bizarre track consists of a series of high-pitched squeals and insults thrown back and forth between Wood and fellow Lord of the Rings alumnus Dominic Monaghan.

In the years since, Wood has become a respected DJ and has played his eclectic sets at venues worldwide, from glitzy Las Vegas functions to the alternative music hotspots of Europe and even the VIP clubs of India. He constantly has to shoot down rumors that his name is DJ Frodo, and he's even had shows cut off 40 minutes in for refusing to play pop music.

In other words, it seems like saving Middle-earth is actually easier than making it in the music world. Despite the poor numbers, Wood felt more films like Maniac deserved the chance to get made and seen, and after some deliberation, he decided to form his own production company, The Woodshed , later rebranded as SpectreVision.

Wood took his commitment to making high-quality horror movies seriously. He unearthed a gem of a filmmaker in Iranian-American director Ana Lily Amirpour, releasing her debut feature A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night in , whereupon it enjoyed widespread critical acclaim.

Wood doesn't mind unsettling audiences or grossing them out, as SpectreVision released The Greasy Strangler in Described as the year's "most disgusting movie" by Rolling Stone , it earned comparisons to John Waters' films for its frank and stomach-churning content. Wood has continued to help guide the careers of horror filmmakers, producing well-received and innovative scary movies like The Boy , the H.

Despite having his hands full with his ventures in the music industry, Wood still harbors dreams of one day becoming a director. His first experience behind the camera came in when fellow Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin asked him to get involved with The Long and Short of It , a short film they decided to shoot on a day off from Peter Jackson's trilogy. Wood came on board as first assistant director for the project, giving him a taste of directorial life.

He then went on to direct the music video for "Energy" by The Apples in Stereo the first band he signed to his Simian Records label , though he's yet to take charge of a feature film. I've been so lucky to work with so many amazing directors on all kinds of different films, and I feel as though I've soaked all of that up like a sponge.

I'm totally fascinated by every aspect of filmmaking. With his creative vision, we're sure whatever he ends up filming will be something truly unique. Wood dedicates a good chunk of his time to philanthropy, lending his name to a number of charitable causes.

Liev Schreiber, who directed Wood in 's Everything Is Illuminated , described the actor as having a "sincere goodness as a human being," and this was highlighted by his work with LA-based The Art of Elysium. The actor was honored for helping the charity in their mission to engage hospitalized children in the arts, and he responded by telling reporters that being part of this "tirelessly dedicated family and the lives of the children they've transformed" has enriched his life.

Wood later combined his music skills with his humanitarian efforts, pulling some strings to put together a charity album in aid of the non-profit. However, his Good Samaritan duties almost got him into trouble in Chile, where he found himself caught up in an earthquake.

Wood was in the country to help stray animals left behind after an devastating quake hit the area, but when he was preparing to return to the States, a second tremor struck Santiago, reportedly shaking the city on the last day of the actor's visit. Fortunately for Wilfred fans everywhere, Wood made it out okay. The house sold the next year, leaving Wood free to make his dream move to The actor snapped up a million-dollar Victorian mansion within the city limits of Austin, near the hipster-inhabited Bouldin Creek neighborhood.

The actor later revealed that he left Hollywood in search of a more laid-back existence in a place where he could feel comfortable as an outsider. I feel like I've always been treated like a local there. While promoting the show, Wood joined the debate about the not-so-subtle differences between comedy on both sides of the Atlantic, claiming British comedy is a much wittier brand of humor.

It doesn't constantly require a laugh out of you. It's more sarcastic. There's more wit to it. It wasn't the first time Wood had taken a swipe at the state of American comedy. He spoke to another British publication about his series Wilfred another remake, this time of an Australian show and expressed frustration at how such shows are handled in the United States.

I'm not interested in that. Well, as Wood rightly predicted when promoting Maniac in , Frodo was never going to go away. It followed him into 's Cooties he fought hard to have a hobbit joke removed but was ultimately overruled , and it will likely follow him for the rest of his career, though he seems to have found a safe space in genre films. I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore was among the best-reviewed indie films of , a movie Time Out said was "buckling with distinctly American rage, splattery violence and plenty of dark laughs.

Critical acclaim is unlikely to convince him to abandon his many other pursuits, however, and Wood's future will likely be as eclectic as his past. There are no signs of his DJ career slowing down, and his movie production company continues to expand.

He and his partners at SpectreVision recently formed a new branch called Company X , which will generate "a diverse array of projects with no limitations on genre or budget.

Getty Images. He accused Hollywood of harboring child molesters Getty Images. He wanted to avoid typecasting.

He does lots of voice work. He's a music man. He has his own production company. He might go into directing Getty Images. He spends a lot of time doing charity work Getty Images. He moved away from California. He doesn't like American humor.

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