What are the best cities to visit in australia

what are the best cities to visit in australia

20 Best Places in Australia you must visit

Aug 01,  · Best Cities to Visit in Australia. By admin--August 1, August 9, 1 Comment on Best Cities to Visit in Australia; Sydney, Australia. The cosmopolitan city Sydney is the capital of New South Wales. The modern city has a long history and is encircled by the world heritage sites and iconic beaches. Visit the largest city of Australia. Jun 27,  · The beauty of Australia is that some of the best places to see are outside of the big cities and in the wilderness. Uluru, the Devil’s Marbles and Wilson’s Promontory are examples of some of the fantastic places you’ll find while travelling around Australia.

Australia comes off as remote and intimidating; its landmass dwarfs the entire European continent, yet it has fewer residents than the state of Texas. For visitors, these hubs are essential jumping off points to some of the most extraordinary landscapes and badass outdoor experiences you can have on the planet.

Here are the best cities to visit in Vvisit, plus tips for the best qustralia to see and do in each. Perth Western Australia This town is out there, both in general weirdness and geographic location. The most whwt capital on the planet, Perth is over 1, miles away from the next major Australian city. Locals around here tend to be well-versed in strange and fascinating things, and offering up a friendly hello will be rewarded with a world view like none other.

Down the road, Stella Bella offers a more affordable, laid-back vibe with a picnic area overlooking their vineyards. And for the beer lover, Margaret River Brewhouse has live music on the weekends in their sunny outdoor space.

Between June and early Citties, an estimated 35, whales migrate just off the Margaret River coast. For a well-rounded work-life balance, there is no better place to live in Australia; on weekends, young professionals shed their suits to seek out elaborate brunches and what to expect vasectomy consultation adventures.

Come November the Yarra Valley wine region heats up in pursuit of the perfect pinot. And as summer temps edge towards 80 degrees, St. Kilda Beach and its cafe-lined boardwalk become the go-to spot. Instagrammers should trek down to Brighton Beach to viisit the famous Bathing Boxes, a colorful series of 82 beach huts dating visiit to the early s.

It is, in a word, adorable. The better option is to rent a car at the airport and drive an hour north to the classic Aussie town of Port Douglas -- if for no other reason than to witness the Cane Toad Races at Iron Bar. You can explore the surrounding Daintree Ih by train via the Kuranda Scenic Railwayor get more hands-on at this eco-certified wildlife sanctuarywhere you can and should fulfill your dream of holding a koala.

For something special, check out Flames of the Forestan intimate dinner event in a dreamy candlelit setting that celebrates ancient Aboriginal culture through dances, storytelling, and didgeridoo performances. The boats get rocky, so do yourself a favor and take some dramamine before you board. Perfect beaches, ocean view rooms, nightclubs, theme parks, and water sports make the Gold Coast a favorite among schoolies the Aussie version of spring breakers, essentially and bachelor parties.

In between partying your face off and nursing ahat hangover, hit the roller coasters of Warner Brothers Movie World. You can take a surf lesson from Go Ride A Wave or kick it up a notch by mastering the jetpack fly boards. At night, the rainforest sparkles with tiny glow worms and their strings of bioluminescent tge, giving off a magical Fern Gully vibe. The thick forest makes them difficult and dangerous to find on your own, so make use of a friendly local at Tour Gold Coast to see these tiny wonders.

Like, average of 90 degrees hot, with a dramatic wet and dry season that pretty much dictates daily life. Family-run farms pop up for public feasting: Crazy Acres serves treats like mango toast, mango cheesecake, mango ice cream, and picnic besf with you-have-to-try-it-to-understand mango basil mayo.

Between May and October, spectacular sunsets on Mindil Beach are enhanced by a music filled, food stall-style night market. You can also catch an outdoor film at Deckchair Cinema and dine wat the waterfront at Stokes Hill Wharf. You will learn all this and more at Wangi Falls, a popular swim spot for tourists and freshwater crocs in the insanely beautiful Litchfield National Park. Surrounded by national parks, Alice Springs is the perfect place to rent a 4-wheel drive vehicle, stock up on supplies, and take off in any direction.

Deep valleys of vertical sandstone cliffs will blow your mind in Watarrka National Park. And the giant, water-filled gorges of West MacDonnell National Park are lined with walking paths, easily accessible for visitors of any age with full mobility.

In one of the most intense climates on earth, your gear what are the best cities to visit in australia Opt for sturdy boots with thick socks, a large billed hat to keep the sun at bay, and a light scarf to shield your face from the dust and flies.

For inspiration, watch the beloved Aussie classic Priscilla Queen of the Desertin which three drag queens brave the outback -- ths they can do it, so can you. They offer a wide range of experiences for any age, budget, and comfort level. The most famous rock in all of Australia sits in solitude on sacred Citjes lands, rising a full 78 feet higher than the Eiffel Tower with a massive 5.

It should go without saying, the opera house is cooler in person. Wat visit the Northern Beaches, strung together with coves, sea pools, and an aquatic reserve perfect for snorkeling. Bondi is famous for a reason; the crescent shaped beach churns up waves custom-made for a surf lesson, epic swim, and good old fashioned people watching. Organic cafes like the aptly bes Speedos line the sandy coast. Back in the city, refinement how to make a barbie doll cakes dress small portions are the name of the game in dining districts like Darling Harbor and Austraila Hills.

In the wee hours of the morning you might find yourself in the Rocks district; just start at the Argyle and see what happens. Byron Bay New South Wales The emphasis in Byron is all-natural everything: the food is organic, the restaurants are farm-to-table, cannabis wafts through the air, and many of the beaches have unofficial clothing-optional zones.

With some of the best surf in Australia, even for beginners, locals and tourists alike flock to this idyllic seaside town in an attempt to catch a thd. Family run surf schools like Ccities Surfing make picking up a board as auxtralia as joining the nightly drum circle. This tie-dyed, cannabis-clouded hippie bus leaves Byron Bay on the daily for a minute ride to Nimbin. Buyer beware: doses may be higher than expected.

Hobart Tasmania South of Melbourne, the island of Tasmania was founded by the British in as a penal how to take a screenshot on windows 8 surface. Today, its capital boasts a thriving craft cocktail scene, cuties brewed beers, boundary-pushing art the Museum of Old and New Art features a giant wall display of vagina moldsand superb local produce.

With a four-season climate and seafood rich citeis, Hobart grows the best… everything. Cherries, honey, black truffle, saffron, olives, and cheese are just a few Tasmanian specialties. An easy boat tour from Hobart will have you fast jetting your way from one sea arch to the next. Julie McNamara whzt a contributor for Thrillist. Our Newsletter. What's in my bar. Thrillist Serves. Enter your email address Subscribe. Social Media Tne.

Sydney, Australia

Jan 03,  · Visit Raymond Island, a small island off the coast from Paynesville, and one of the best places to see koalas in the wild. Western Australia Bucket List. Visit Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Explore Rottnest Island. You can book a day tour from Perth. It is considered one of the ten best tropical cities to visit in Australia. Great Barrier Reef (QLD) Great Barrier Reef by Stop Adani/Flickr. Added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in , the Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s greatest wonders and Australia’s greatest natural landmark. Apr 10,  · 36 BEST Places to Visit in Sydney (Must-See Highlights in ) Sydney is one of the sunniest, brightest cities in Australia and it’s also one of the most popular cities for tourists. It has great food, the best beaches you will ever see, vibrant culture and nightlife, and amazing shopping options.

Australia is world famous for its natural wonders and considering it is also the sixth-largest country by land area traveling to Australia will leave you wondering questions like: What cities should I visit on my first trip to Australia?

How long should I spend in Australia? These are all valid questions and ones that I wish I could answer easily. But the truth is Australia has almost too much to offer you, the beaches, the deserts, the bush, the Great Barrier Reef, the Outback, the huge sprawling cities!

Below, I will try my best to give you a complete picture of the country as a whole and my opinion on the best cities to visit for your first trip to Australia. I've included links throughout this article that will direct you to more in-depth travel guides for the various cities. I hope it helps you plan a wonderful trip to the down under. Like I mentioned above, Australia is huge.

If you think you can cover all of the big cities of the Australian states in one visit you should think again. The picture below, courtesy of Wikipedia Commons , highlights the biggest cities in each territory.

A common tourist route includes visiting the eastern cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or the Gold coast. This is the route that I took as well. These cities are relatively close together and easy to visit quickly by plane. Another bit of good news is that you can choose from a couple of low-cost airlines, Jetstar and Tigerair, when traveling Australia.

If you want to criss-cross the country it won't break the bank. In the eastern tourist trail, Sydney to Melbourne is a swift minute flight, while Melbourne to Brisbane is a two-hour flight. On the other hand, Darwin in the Northern Territory to Melbourne in Victoria is a four and a half hour flight.

Perth, a popular city in Western Australia to Sydney clocks in at just over four hours. I am going to technically cheat and combine cities and areas together. Sue me. Anyway, Brisbane is a sparkling city that is lucky to enjoy sunshine year-round. Biking, climbing, and hiking are very popular in Brisbane. Even if you aren't into the exercise scene, Brisbane also has a fantastic music scene with many local artists and is regularly called one of the music capitals of the world.

You will have tons of venues in town to pick from all with excellent shows. Add in numerous distinguished restaurants and bars in Brisbane and you've got a good time. Brisbane is also the jumping off point for the Gold Coast.

AKA the Australian version of Miami. The appropriately named Gold Coast contains 90 miles of sunshine-soaked coastline whose entire strip glistens with modern high-rises. Activities are endless here with every watersport imaginable, plus yacht parties, and as you can imagine all the questionable behavior you're thinking about right now.

Learn more here. Read on: Full Brisbane Travel Guide including the best things to do and see on a short visit. Tasmania is overlooked and a bit misunderstood but regardless the island is a must visit.

About half of the island of Tasmania is protected by the government to preserve the natural beauty. First off, if you grew up watching Looney Tunes you probably have heard of the Tasmanian devil. These precocious creatures do exist in real life and appropriately reside in the wild on the island of Tasmania. However, it is quite rare to see them in the wild.

Tasmanian devils are a carnivorous marsupial marsupials include kangaroos, koalas, possums, and wombats and Tasmanian Devils are about the size of a small dog with a deafening screech.

If you want to see a Tassie Devil, as they are known locally, you'll want to visit a wildlife nature reserve. There are many bucket-list worthy things to do while here. You can learn a bit of history by visiting the former convict settlement of Port Arthur.

Don't forget that these prisoners were the founding fathers of what we now know as Australia! You can also visit a wildlife sanctuary right outside the city, Bonorong , and see Tassie Devils as well as lots of other native Tasmanian animals.

The sanctuary takes in injured wildlife and either rehabilitate or homes the animals permanently. Visitors are able to feed kangaroos and pat wombats and koalas on one of the daily tours. Darwin is a cosmopolitan and laid-back city that many people many people use as a base to explore the nearby natural wonders of Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks.

It is easily the most dangerous of all the cities in Australia. Temperatures hover around 90 year-round and there are many creatures that reside here just ready to kill you. But, don't be scared, it is also a beautiful tropical location that will bring tears to any nature lovers. Perhaps the most famous of Darwin's attractions, Kakadu National Park possesses over five thousand ancient rock art sites which are fascinating to visit. The park is a place of immense cultural and natural significance, plus contains some stunning natural sights which make it well worth a visit.

Don't miss the Kakadu Escarpment which is simply breathtaking. Don't be surprised to hike through deserted sandstone escarpments one minute and be bathing in waterfalls and pools the next. Want some Texas and southern charm while in Australia? Then visit Adelaide. It can be overlooked for more popular or boisterous cities but it does have a casino, firing range, and the massive club HQ.

You won't find it to be a big party town and the residents tend to be a bit older but regardless Adelaide knows how to show visitors a good time. If you can plan it out right visit during the famous Adelaide Fringe Festival usually from mid-February to mid-march for the celebration of everything weird.

Adelaide also has the pristine Kangaroo Island a short ferry ride away. This unique island is the only place where koalas outnumber cars. The island also has some excellent sand-boarding. Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world, its nearest major city is over 1, miles away! The good news is Perth is a pretty nice place to spend time.

Perth is consistently on lists as one of the most livable cities in the world and that is probably due to the laid-back vibe, numerous cultural sites, clean like reallyyy clean streets, and the sheer magnitude of fantastic restaurants and cafes. There is also a public park nearly acres large - so yeah, its got some green space to relax in. The climate is fantastic and Perth enjoys sunshine the majority of the year making the beaches a quality place to sip a beer on.

I can compare the sights to driving the California Pacific Coast Highway. But even though some of those pictures are mesmerizing it really can't be accurately represented in photos. It is just much more beautiful in person. I know it sounds crazy but I was spellbound when I was there. You can book a tour departing from Melbourne to see the 12 Apostles in one day but I really urge you to rent your own car and drive at your leisure. Two days at the minimum is my recommendation and I have a full article with everything you need to know about driving the Great Ocean Road.

The drive will take you up close and personal to true wildlife - emphasis on wild - plus, iconic surfer beaches, sparkling rainforests, and even dizzying waterfalls. We drove all of this GOR and the Grampians in only 3 days and 2 nights. The Grampians and its surrounding national park are only two hours north of the Great Ocean Road. This national park is completely different than anything you might have seen along the Great Ocean Road.

Your jumping off point will be the city of Halls Gap, a small city that probably has more local Kangaroos than residents. I'm not kidding. We stayed here and were spellbound by the large groups of Kangaroos who use motels backyards and restaurants side pastures as their grazing home. At one point, Matt and I sat in the car for over an hour just staring at a large group of Kangaroos grazing in the field. It is also a perfect place to spend the day in nature and take some gorgeous pics for the gram.

Sunrise, if you can get yourself up that early, at Boroka Lookout. Hiking through Halls Gap version of the Grand Canyon and continuing on the 2. Read on: I've got two huge articles that will detail everything you need to know about renting a car and driving these roads.

The Red Centre is what you think of when you think of the Australian Outback. Jumping off point is a town called Alice Springs and although most people are in and out of here quickly you shouldn't miss the Aboriginal art galleries on the edge of town.

During it, you'll be dodging kangaroos, riding camels, zipping your car through the desert dust, and hiking the red dusty trails. Be careful when planning your trip - you will be visiting a desert I know it sounds silly but Matt and I almost made the mistake of visiting the Red Centre in February before thankfully remembering that February is summer which means heat waves and lots of flies.

Who doesn't want to check Scuba diving or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef off their bucket-list? The largest coral reef system on Earth, the Great Barrier Reef is simply too huge to comprehend. Stretching for over 2, kilometers, you can even see it from space. Snorkeling and scuba diving aren't the only ways to experience the reef.

Popular tours for the Great Barrier Reef include glass-bottom boat trips, kayaking, and even helicopter rides to view the reef. Cairns is a gorgeous city in its own right and a great place to explore the Great Barrier Reef from.

Cairns , is the largest city you can base yourself out of to explore the Great Barrier Reef. The city is surrounded by rainforest with a whole host of other activities and combined with Great Barrier Reef explorers means a town filled with tourists. There is so much to do in Cairns I could have probably spend a month here alone.

Cairns is also known as a party town and you'll be sure to drink some beers with the numerous travelers on The Esplanade. The city also offers a ridiculous number of activities that will get your adrenaline pumping.

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