My brother is a jerk what should i do

my brother is a jerk what should i do

I caught my brother masturbating...?

My brother is a jerk. Always has been and probably always will be. He is the type of person that asks where you got his gift so he can return it. My brother is a complete asshole- I don't just say that because he's my brother, he literally just does not care about other people being happy. He shows no remorse when he does something cruel, and it's seriously a fucking problem. Anyway, All that matters to him is his WoW and soda and junk food (he is over lbs, by the way).

So click here to send your letter, or write an email. My brother is a jerk. Always has been and probably always will be. He is the type of person that asks where you got his gift so he can return it. He has never once walked beside anyone, always five steps ahead. Our family is blended: two adopted kids, two biological kids. His twin sister was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 18 and committed suicide a few years ago. They were always a pair, even though she was difficult and institutionalized a lot of her life.

When she died, I reached out to him and offered to help empty her belongings. No dice. I never stopped trying to reach out to him call me a hopeless optimist and my oodles of text messages go unanswered. Despite his poor personal life, he has had an incredible professional life.

He was a professional mountain climber and summited every mountain he could and recently opened up his own accounting business that is radically successful. Should I reach out and try to have a heart to heart with him or should I just steer clear? But the fact that he got married 15 years ago still blows our mind. My sister-in-law is a gem of a human being and I just assumed that he treated her differently, that he liked her in a way he could never like us.

Turns out, he treats her exactly the same way. She has lived with it silently for 15 years and four children. From being in touch once a year, she started calling me all the time, most of the time sobbing. I had no idea what to say or what to do. I wanted to tell her to leave him but my mom advised me to not get in too deep. She called all of us and basically was a wreck. Recently, my SIL asked me to have a heart to heart with my brother about our lack of a relationship.

His marriage is about to fail and then he will what are control mechanisms in the body completely alone. What does p265 65r17 mean family, no kids, no wife he has no friends.

I found your letter deeply moving, but also deeply confusing. At the same time, your brother is a difficult guy who pushes people away. My hunch is that part of you wants to be able to write him off as a contemptuous jerk — and thus to disavow any guilt or responsibility you might feel toward him. I get that. And you also seem to recognize some of the experiences that have shaped him, in particular caring for a twin sister with schizophrenia, and feeling responsible for her death.

The compassion he showed for this sister is literally the opposite of cruelty. The most useful thing you can do is to recognize that your brother is a complicated guy. Can you see the contradiction here? The question you face is whether you can do anything to make less that pain. As with any relationship First, to the extent you can, you need to forgive how to be a mail carrier brother for not being an easy guy to relate to, or help.

You need to recognize that how to design your own clothing line experience growing up in your family was distinct from your own, and that much of the behavior you find off-putting is really more about externalizing his what is the ticker symbol for google. Second, you need to figure out if you want to have a better relationship with him.

You mentioned having texted him a lot. Fourth, you need to recognize that your brother might choose to rebuff your efforts, no matter how compassionately they are couched. As with any relationship — in particular, a fraught sibling relationship — both parties have to be willing to open their hearts, to listen to one another, and to be patient.

It would be wonderful for everyone involved if you could repair this relationship. But you have to recognize that this may be a long and halting process, and that you can only control your half of the equation. The rest is up to him. Author's note : My own relationships with my brothers have been quite tortured, so I really related to this letter.

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Is he being a jerk no not probably. extra of being egocentric. yet.. in many circumstances siblings are. supply him some hours to chill out off and he will see that relatives comes first and. Motivate your brother to get what you have. If your brother's annoying behavior is motivated by jealousy, one way to resolve the situation is to help him get what you have (or something like it). This obviously won't be feasible all of the time, but in certain situations, it can . If you resist and fight, you two will have a hard time getting along. He is establishing his alpha male characteristics, needed to become the leader of his own pack someday. If you learn to submit, if he's correct, then it'll serve you well in your future marriage, and he will grow fond of you.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. Okay I know this is weird but I seriously dont know what to do.

I'm only 14 actually i just turned 14 and my brother is 18 and a senior in high school. I guess he thought he was home alone or something but I had just gotten home from my friends house earlier than normal and I was going upstairs and heard like soft moaning so i went and knocked on my brothers door cuz i didnt know what it was and there he was completly naked sitting there masturbating I know hes probably just embarresed that his 14 year old sister just saw him like that but Its been 2 hours and hes not talking to me and i feel really bad but im kinda grossed out.

What do i do? A couple of years ago my little sister caught me masturbating. I told her to go away and that I would come and see her in a minute but she kept banging on my door so I ignored her. Next thing I know she had kicked my door through breaking the lock.

I had not long got home from work and was in the middle of getting changed when I decided to masturbate so I only had a T-shirt on meaning there was no way I could hid what I was doing. I told her off for barging in like that and after that we didnt mention it again. Im sure she still remembers it but she has never bought it up.

She learned her lesson though. She always knocks and waits for me to answer the door now and if I say im busy she goes away :. He will be just as embarrassed as you. You ask "what do I do?

There is nothing you can do to make the situation better. The only thing that was wrong was your brother not taking more care in keeping his activities away from prying eyes. Try to realise that at 14 you still have a lot to learn about life and that in time you will come to understand what happened and why.

Also it might be a good idea to knock and wait rather than knocking and going straight in next time. I would first apologize to your brother for entering his room. Tell him you are sorry you barged in and saw what you saw.

Let him know because of the moaning you were not sure if he was in pain and you went in to see if he was okay. It would be natural for you to be grossed out about it, but it is a normal part of life. For guys in particular. He should be doing this in the bathroom instead of his bedroom, and let him know it is forgotten. For guys Tell him you understand and really apologize for your behavior.

I am sure he will forgive you at some point, but I am pretty sure he didn't think anyone would be home for a while so this is the time he chose to do it. Just talk to him and let him know you understand and can he forgive you.

Good Luck. Your brother's an idiot for leaving the door open, sitting their naked, and masturbating. It's not your fault he's an idiot. Still, a brother's a brother, I wouldn't bring it up at the dinner table or anything. However, if he happens to be a mean brother, and you needs means for leverage in getting him to treat you better -not give you the royal treatment, mind you, or you could become just as bad as him- I'd casually mention that, you know, mom and dad might want to know about what you saw : If he later says to you he's sorry and it's a real apology, I'd forget about it, unless he really becomes a jerk later, just to be a jerk, then I'd use it as leverage.

The best way to deal with him is to easy your self and show your self that nothing is happened really. Put good simile on your face and go to him smoothly as little sister.

If any conversation comes between you and ur brother such topics tel him thats normal and take care to close the door next time. This is one funny question and I see you are confused but you should not be upset. I know what he was doing is very normal and natural and you should not tell anyone else about it.

I would try to talk to him alone away from everyone and not loose your temper or get upset. Tell him how you feel and how you did not know what he was doing and you wont tell anyone. That is a very odd situation to be in. Just say to him its not a big deal to you to lay the pressure off him. Answer Save.

Sister Caught Brother Masturbating. He was in his room with his door closed - You should have respected his privacy. What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Jodyanne Lv 6. Source s : What I would say and do if I were in your shoes. I am over 50 and female Let him know that. LokiFan86 Lv 4. Hi This is one funny question and I see you are confused but you should not be upset.

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