How to use floating touch in xperia sola

how to use floating touch in xperia sola

Floating Touch on the Sony Xperia Sola

Jan 24,  · Xperia Sola. Floating touch on the Sony Xperia sola allows you to browse the Web on this extraordinary telephone without pressing down on the huge show. The handset additionally gives an exceptional range of other functions consisting of its cameras and software constructed in a short and intuitive Android working device. Mar 14,  · This is where Sony innovates by bringing the two together in its “floating touch” display on the Sony Xperia sola. “By leveraging on the existing capacitive touch sensor, and lowering the threshold for touch registration, it will be possible to differentiate between floating touch and “normal” touch,” Sony speednicedating.coms:

The handset is equipped with a 3. The device also comes with two NFC Xperia SmartTags in the box, which owners can use to launch a pre-configured profile on their smartphone. The two SmartTags included with the handset can be personalized with up to 10 commands. The Xperia sola will be available worldwide in black, white and red in the second quarter of Xperia sola will be available to consumers globally in black, white and red in the second quarter.

Once the desired link is found it can be highlighted and a simple tap will load the page. Floating touch will evolve with new user functionality and applications through software updates and engagement with developers. With Xperia SmartTags out of the box and access to the latest content through Sony Entertainment Network, Xperia sola is perfect for consumers looking for ease of use and the best in entertainment in a smart and innovative smartphone.

The two SmartTags included with Xperia sola can be personalized with up to 10 commands. Xperia sola supports NFC pairing, allowing consumers to enjoy great connectivity with other NFC smartphones, applications and services by tapping their smartphones together.

Xperia sola also comes with fast capture to take the camera from what does out of area mean on caller id to snap in a little over a second with a single key press.

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SUBSCRIBE FOR 10 YEARS OF GOOD LUCKWant to get more views for YOUR Channel???Check Out TubeBuddy that can help you reach out to more people with their Awsome. Sony has announced a new smartphone, the Xperia sola, whose most notable feature is something called "floating touch." The technology allows the user to highlight apps and icons by hovering their finger above where they would touch, a kind of pre-aiming mechanism Author: Jason Gilbert. Film prezentujacy dzialanie funkcji Floating Touch w Sony Xperia Sola. Po wiecej zapraszamy na

Home News You are here. By Victor H. The technology makes it possible for your smartphone to detect when you hover your finger up to 0. As you probably know, you need conductivity in order for your capacitive screen to work. But there are two types of display which differ in the strength of the signal they receive. Self capacitance "ghosting" the red crosses occurs when you place two fingers on the screen.

The phone can't determine the exact position of the fingers and instead detects four instead of two contact points. To make use of the technology, though, the apps will need to support it. The company promises to open up APIs for developers with the upgrade to ICS for the Xperia sola, and this means very soon programmers could bring this to apps near you.

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