How to stencil a cake with airbrush

how to stencil a cake with airbrush

Cake Airbrush Guide and Tutorial: Best Airbrush for Cakes and Pastries

Nov 15,  · Tame your airbrush with these foolproof cake stenciling tips, including how to airbrush bubbles & shading. Ready to master your airbrush? See more here h. Jan 10,  · Today I am showing you how I use a damask cake stencil with royal icing as well as with the PME Airbrush System. More details about measurements and product.

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I'm making a wedding cake where I need to airbrush the sides using a stencil. Does anyone have any tips on the best way to do this how to disband a 2v2 I don't have time to do a test run.

I'm assuming a couple of thin sprays is better than one thick one. I noticed when spraying other fondant that the colour can bead, is this the way to avoid that? Should I leave the stencil on while I wait for the coats to dry? And whats the best way to secure it to the side?

Luckily it's cakke square cake so that should make it a bit easier. I'd appreciate any input! It's a dark purple so any errors will be really obvious :S. Couple of tips: Use pins to hold the stencil in place if it is too large to hold with one hand.

Do a test run with just air so you can see if the stencil wants to flutter which can cause blurry edges. The stencil must stay in place for the 3 light passes - re-aligning it will be very problematic.

Depending on the design, airbrush in smooth lines following the design rather than "scribbling" back and forth with the airbrush. When you remove the stencil, blot on paper towels so color does not build up on the surface and cause problems when you move to a new side of the cake. Watch your overspray if the design is close to the stencil edge In addition to the above post, I have but three words: Mask, mask and mask.

On stencik cake that is. Pins in the holes of the design or pins through the stencil plastic? Luckily, I got my mom to help me do a test run, and it was blurry and there was overspray. Quite nervous about this now!

Lisa - if your nerves get to you, you can also try how to add date in php someone Mums are great for this job! Dab lightly and in fine coats. I have a flat-ended sponge on a stick pencil size what is construction and demolition waste I use to do this.

For what is the best online food diary edges, the stdncil needs to be flat against the fondant base without fluttering. Pins go through the plastic so there is a tighter contact. Another option on is to use a dab of shortening in the corners to act as removable "glue". If you are having overspray: 1 Lower your air pressure.

The higher the air pressure, the more overspray. Find stencik sweet-spot for project. Just don't go too low - the spray will look grainy. I prefer using medical grade paper tape for such hoa. Good ventilation and air flow will draw overspray AWAY from your project. Poor ventilation will draw the overspray OVER your project. No ventilation will make a cloud that settles onto your project. Thanks for your help!! I dropped about a kilo of sugarpaste on the floor when covering the wedding cake so I've covered a dummy with it and I'm going to give it another practise run.

Ugh I hate the way it looks! Some of it is blurry and I used a little bit of crisco qirbrush stick it down and now that I've gone over it airrush the pearl sheen it has highlighted all the crisco'd what is a joint in the human body. No time to re-do now, just gotta withh the cake muffles don't notice the flaws that I do.

Airbruhs looked at your cakes - - I can promise you noone will notice like you do. Your cakes are fabulous! Lol my iPhone corrected muggles to muffles! Ah well hope the muggles and muffles don't notice. Thanks for the kind words jgifford, I'll be holding my breath until delivery :S.

Sorry you did not like the outcome For next time, where was the design blurry? In the center? Yes, of course pearls will be attracted to the shortening In hindsight, pins would have been the better choice. The top edge was the blurry bit. I used pins on the first 2 sides I airbrushed and had a lot of blurriness so on the last 2 sides I used pins and crisco and the blurriness was what happened in the battle of marne down a lot.

I had to put the pins in strategic places so I could cover the pin holes with a dragee. I only got the airbrush for Christmas so I am using a lot of trial and error at the minute. Thanks for your help though Lisa, I'm sure the airbrushing came out a lot better than trying to pipe the design and trying to get royal icing to a deep purple colour.

The funny thing is, my test run came out perfect because I used a lighter colour so I didn't use up all of my pre-mixed airrbush purple and I was sith confident going into the proper run. Airbrush is a practice thing, just like anything else I normally use my fingers to "walk" the design to keep good contact, but this is a bit more of an advanced technique - and I don't' care how purple my hands get. Tell me more about the equipment you have The more I know about your system, the more I can help.

If I get the hang of it, I can upgrade later. The intro system you have is good for getting your feet wet. Is the spray pattern smooth and consistent? Some models are grainy and the air pulse can make a line look like Morris Code. What kind of line the equipment can spray will dictate what you can realistically expect the equipment to do for you.

I can spray a fine line with it and to me it looks consistent and smooth. I think I just need to practise more. Just to let you guys know the couple were happy with the cake. They text me to say, "Cakes amazing, thanks Lisa" The groom is a work colleague, hence the texting.

Thank you for all your help! I'll post pictures when I have more time, I have a couple that need uploading :S. Excellent advice from everyone Glad to hear your cake came out well! Cake on! Home Recipes. Experience the world of cake decorating like never before with Cake Central Magazine!

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Experience the world of cake decorating like never before with Cake Central Magazine!

Nov 08,  · Just spray and go! Hold the airbrush about inches away from the surface of the cake. Angle the airbrush so that it is straight on with the cake and cake stencil. Lightly build the color of the design in light coats of the Amerimist Gold Sheen food coloring. 4 Step by Step Tutorial for Cake Airbrush. Prepare Cake Airbrushing Machine. Prepare work Surface. Spraying of larger Areas and fine Lines. Spray Patterns. Use Stencils. 5 Further Ideas for the Use of Airbrush for Pastries.

The eye eats, as is well known. Therefore, a beautifully designed cake, whether with fondant, marzipan flowers or cream, is equally appealing and appetizing. Within the last few years, a new possibility has emerged in the field of baking: Airbrush for pastry and cake design. In this guide you can find out what this is and how you can use airbrush to create beautiful cakes with food coloring. An airbrush pistol can be used in many different ways.

You can use it not only to airbrush car parts or spray a tattoo, but also to decorate cakes. With an cake airbrushing machine you can basically conjure up any art form on a cake:. All kinds of substrates can be sprayed, such as fondant, marzipan, flower paste or royal icing. However, white roll fondant is best suited for this airbrush technique. It may sound difficult at first to decorate cakes or other pastries with an cake airbrushing machine, but it is not.

In this guide you will learn what you should pay attention to. We have tested different airbrush for cakes sets. The set convinces with a good price-performance ratio and also contains everything you need to decorate food. The price is justified for the scope of delivery and the quality of the set. The colors are very opaque. Therefore we give a clear recommendation to buy this set. Food coloring for airbrush cakes is characterised by some special properties. As with all airbrush paints, the paint must not be too thick in consistency, otherwise the airbrush gun will quickly clog.

Therefore the paint should have a high pigmentation. If the paint is too thick, you can easily thin it. In principle, food coloring in paste or powder form can also be diluted and used. However, since especially beginners in the airbrush cannot judge whether these pigments are suitable for airbrushing, we would not recommend this. If the paint is not suitable, the nozzle may clog. We recommend that you only use liquid food coloring and preferably one that is designated for use in the airbrush gun.

Caution is required when using food coloring on fondant. Fondant consists mainly of sugar and is therefore softened by liquid colors as these dissolve the sugar. The airbrush paint is atomized very finely so that this problem does not occur.

If you want to create more intensive colors, you can apply several layers of paint and let them dry before each new layer. Every fondant can withstand this fine spray mist. However, the fondant only tolerates these colors if they are not diluted too much with water. By too much water, the sugar in the fondant is nevertheless dissolved. It is therefore advisable to use special airbrush food colors.

The quality of the paint used is also crucial. All colors are of excellent quality and show a high color intensity. We can definitely recommend this food color set from AmeriColor and found no disadvantage. The construction of the cake airbrush set is very simple: First you connect the supplied hose to the airbrush gun and the compressor. Connect the compressor to the power supply. Often the compressor of airbrush sets for cakes can be adjusted in three stages, which makes it easy for you to work.

How high you have to set the pressure depends on your desired creation. Next, you can prepare your work surface and then fill the chosen paint into the paint container of the airbrush gun. Be careful not to fill in too much paint. Usually two or three drops are sufficient. If you put too much paint in the container, you have to pour away the excess paint. Therefore it is better to add a little paint and refill it if necessary.

You should definitely use a revolving cake plate for your work on cakes. You can save a lot of work by airbrushing the cake or by covering it with fondant.

An airbrush extraction system is also a sensible purchase if you plan to use the airbrush gun more often. This will not only land on your cake, but also all around it. You can also put your cake in a large box and spray it under the switched on extractor hood. This has a similar effect to the extraction system. To get a good grip on the cake, the box should be open at the front and top. The side walls and the extractor hood will keep your working area relatively clean.

However, if you want to use the airbrush gun frequently, we recommend that you purchase an airbrush extraction system, as this will save you time when covering and cleaning the work area. You should not make your first spraying attempts right at the cake, but first familiarize yourself with the airbrush gun.

For this you can spray your first large areas, fine lines and color gradients on cardboard or a cake board. As soon as you have developed a good feeling for the airbrush, you can dare to touch the cake and spray your first motif.

You can either use special templates or you can make your own templates from cardboard or kitchen paper. Spraying patterns on the cake requires a steady hand and great skill. Especially spraying fine and straight lines is not so easy. Ornaments and larger flowers are not too difficult, even for beginners, as long as some things are taken into account. By the way, spraying sharp edges is not possible with the airbrush gun. They will always look a little washed out. If you want to create clear, sharp edges, you have to use a stencil.

You should also use stencils if you want to have difficult and detailed patterns on your cake. If you succeed, you can spray any pattern on your cake without a stencil. However, the use of templates makes decorating your cakes much easier. They are available in all imaginable variations. If your desired motif is not included, you can also simply make an airbrush template for your cake yourself. Just cut it out of cardboard. This is not as clean as with a special airbrush template for cakes, but it is definitely sufficient for the beginning.

Most airbrush stencils are already available for a few Euros. You must clean your airbrush gun after each use and after each change of color. If you do not clean the airbrush after changing the color, the food colors will mix and you will no longer get the desired color. For this you should consider buying an airbrush cleaning pot. With this you can quickly change the color without having to clean the entire airbrush. Since the food colors for airbrushes are water soluble, cleaning the airbrush gun is quite easy and you do not necessarily need a special cleaning agent.

You can simply rinse the airbrush gun well under warm water. Then you can also fill the paint container with warm water. Spray with the airbrush until only clear water comes out of the gun. After there is no more paint left in the gun, continue spraying until the gun is dry and only air comes out. Cleaning is easiest when the paint is still wet, so you should not postpone cleaning for long. If the paint has already dried up, it may not be possible to remove it at all, which will cause the nozzle to clog.

To clean the airbrush gun particularly thoroughly, you can use a special cleaning agent. This is often included in airbrush cake sets, but you can also purchase it separately. Instead, you can also use high-proof alcohol. This thorough cleaning should be done after every third to fourth use and for this purpose the gun must be completely disassembled and cleaned with small brushes.

The needle is particularly sensitive and can bend quickly, so you should be especially careful with it. If the needle is bent, it must be replaced, so it is recommended to have several needles for replacement. Airbrushing cakes is not as elaborate as you might think. On the one hand this kind of design is fun and on the other hand you will earn a lot of admiration with your creations. Just try it out and enjoy your airbrushed cake.

On our blog you will find exciting tutorials, reviews and inspirations. We always have new articles for beginners and advanced artists. Acrylic Pouring. Privacy Policy Legal Notice. Handy set with carrying bag for easy transport The included compressor can be regulated in three stages. This enables quick and easy working The compressor is quiet in operation so that full concentration is possible during work The airbrush gun for cakes can be used for larger surfaces and also for finest details The delivery includes 13 different colors, which can be sprayed well with the airbrush pistol The color palette included in the set provides you with an orientation guide when mixing the colors The set contains all necessary utensils for cleaning: a cleaning pot, brushes, a special cleaning agent If you are dissatisfied with the set, you can simply send it back and get your money back.

Of course the colors are food safe High opacity enables economical work and high brilliance The colors can be dosed easily Easy to use: The colors are shaken well and then put into the airbrush The colors are specially developed for the airbrush and therefore do not have to be thinned.

Using an airbrush for baking offers many advantages.

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