How to share sql server 2005 database on network

how to share sql server 2005 database on network

Lesson 2: Connecting from Another Computer

Run up sql server manager connect to the server (must be an admin of the server). The logins allowed are Security -> Logins in the tree view. You can add windows users, mess about with trusts if. Nov 20,  · How to configure SQL server on network, remote sql server.

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I had a look on the msd I can only connect to computers from my workgroup? For Sql Express: express For Sql Disclamer This is just some additional information that might help anyone. I want to make it abundantly clear that what I am describing here is possibly:.

What does the bible say about drinking and smoking solution I am describing is more for the person who is just trying to get their job done - consult someone who is knowledgeable in this field when setting up a production server. Usually after I do what I mentioned above I don't have a problem anymore. Here is a screenshot of what to look for - for that last step:.

Add new program for SQL Server and select sql server. Add new program for SQL Browser and select sqlbrowser. I'll edit my previous answer based on further info supplied. You can clearely ping the remote computer as you can use terminal services.

I've a feeling that port is being blocked by a firewall, hence your trouble. Try using this application to ping your servers ip address and port Ok, next to try is to check SQL Server.

Start SSMS. Connect to the database. In object explorer usually docked on the left right click on the server and click properties. Here is the link You must read it. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group.

Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. How to connect to SQL Server from another computer? Ask Question. Asked 11 years, 1 month ago. Active 1 year, 6 months ago. Viewed k times. Thanks, Luisa. Luisa Luisa 1 1 gold badge 6 6 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. This question is not clear - can you explain what exactly are you trying to do?

Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Dani Dani Yes I want to connect remotly I'll edit the answer with info how to enable remote access to sql server — Dani Mar 21 '10 at That fixed my problem too. Articles are useless. Rashidi Feb 21 '16 at I want to make it abundantly clear that what I am describing here is possibly: A. For SQL Server R2 this is what I end up doing: Make sure everything is squared away like in this tutorial which is the same tutorial posted above as a solution by "Dani" as the selected answer to this question.

Create an inbound rule for port TCP - allow the connection Create an outbound rule for port TCP - allow the connection When you are finished with the firewall settings you are going to want to check one more thing. Here is a screenshot of what to look for - for that last step: Again, if someone with more information about this topic sees a red flag please correct me. Mujassir Nasir Mujassir Nasir 1, 4 4 gold badges 28 28 silver badges 47 47 bronze badges. What are normal tsh and free t4 levels a lot man, these last 3 steps finally get it working, well done.

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Enabling Protocols

Jan 06,  · if you want to backup a SQL Server database to a mapped drive using a local drive letter you have the following options: 1. Run the following command from a query window EXEC xp_cmdshell ‘net use share name>’— where.: Letter used to map the drive. share name>: UNC path to the share. Aug 10,  · Now when you run the command to backup directly to a network share: SqlCmd -E -Q “Backup Database MyDB To Disk=’\'”. You should see a success message: Processed pages for database ‘MyDB’, file ‘MyDB’ on file 1. Processed 2 pages for database ‘MyDB’, file ‘MyDB_log’ on file Jason Faulkner. Configure SQL Server to listen on a specific port. In SQL Server Configuration Manager, expand SQL Server Network Configuration, and then click on the server instance you want to configure.. In the right pane, double-click TCP/IP.. In the TCP/IP Properties dialog box, click the IP Addresses tab.. In the TCP Port box of the IPAll section, type an available port number.

This conversation is currently closed to new comments. Prerequisites: On server 1. Make sure you set the database for assess in dual mode,windows and sqlserver and add a userlogin say user name Logme, password abc. It is important to check the sql server properties, and add this new login and make sure that permissions are set for select, update, etc, or you will get a login failure 2.

ExecuteNonQuery ; cn. Close ; Hope that helps Ray. Sir, how can i share my share my sql server database over lan using "JAVA" code? Run up sql server manager connect to the server must be an admin of the server. You can add windows users, mess about with trusts if they are in a different domain.

Then in there you map a login to a user in teh databases they are allowed to access. If you use AD, you can set up groups and stuff and it will sort it all out for you. If you aren't in domain, then you can add windows users that the server where sql server is knows about. Or you can shift teh security model to mixed not recomended and create sql logins non integrated.

PS make sure of what privileges on the data base and the sql server you give them. You would n't want them deleting the database, or some such That depends on the sql user you map the login to , so if you wanted to give them read only access, create a user in the database e. And make sure sqlserver and SQL Browser ports are okay though any internal firewalls, e. If you're asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem.

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Please remember to be considerate of other members. All submitted content is subject to our Terms Of Use. Hi, I am working on a domain network. We have the Microsoft SQL server database installed in the server. How can I do that?

Please let me know if you have any answer for the two questions. Share Flag. All Answers. Collapse -. Example using Visual c. Close ; Hope that helps Ray 0 Votes. Reponse To Answer. You don't share it as such, it's not a file. How you give them. Back to Networks Forum. Start or search. Start New Discussion. Create a new discussion If you're asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem.

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