How to refill cl-41 canon cartridge

how to refill cl-41 canon cartridge

How to refill Canon 40, 50, 41, 51, 52 OEM cartridges

Mar 26,  · In this short guide I show you how to refill the Canon PG (BAA) black ink cartridge. You can read our article on refilling this and many other car. Canon Cartridge CL (#31) CL (#41) Refill Instructions for Color cartridge Instructions. 1. Put the cartridge on some paper towels in an area where you can tolerate a spill. 2. Peel off the top label. 3. You will notice three small holes (too small for a syringe needle to get into). Printer ink and Refill .

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This article has been viewedtimes. Learn more Replacing Canon ink jet cartridges can be expensive. Fortunately, most Canon cartridges are refillable, and you can save money by replacing the ink yourself. Refilling Canon cartridges is easy if you have the correct tools. With eefill refill kit, you can easily do this job yourself.

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Run a printhead clean from your computer. When people see how to spell michelle in chinese on their printed pages, they often assume they need more ink.

In some cases, however, a dirty printhead causes this. If there are still streaks, you may be running out of ink. Shake the ink cartridge. Pull out each cartridge, flip it upside down, and shake it gently. Put the cartridge back in and see if the problem is solved. Shaking hard can not only damage the cartridge, but also canonn it to fly out of your hand and break. Clean the ink cartridge sensors. Use a paper towel dampened with some rubbing alcohol and gently rub the sensors on the cartridge.

Then try to print again. Dust or dirt on any electronic sensor can produce an error message. Part dartridge of Get a Canon ink cartridge refill kit. These kits should include ink for all the colors in the printer, a syringe to inject the ink, and a small thumb drill.

You can find them at most office supply stores or on the internet. Remember to get a refill kit for your particular printer model number. Canon ink products are all similar, but may not be identical. Remove the ink cartridge. Some printers have different mechanisms for removing cartridges. Most commonly, pressing down on the cartridge clicks it out of place.

Then gently wiggle until the cartridge slides out. This could damage the cartridge and your printer. Peel back the sticker on each cartridge with a utility knife. Carefully slide the knife blade under the sticker and peel it back. You can remove it completely because you can use tape to cover the refill holes later.

Each hole leads to a separate ink chamber. Protect yourself with gloves while handling a knife. Keep the gloves on to prevent yourself from getting ink on your hands. Puncture the circle on top of the cartridge with the thumb drill. On the ink cartridge, there should be a little circle on top. This indicates where you should make a hole to refill it.

Take the cartridge in one hand and the thumb drill in the other. Push the drill into the circle until it pokes through the plastic. Then work the drill in what makes the clouds pink circular motion to make the hole bigger. If it passes through cleanly, the hole is big enough. If you find it easier you can also use a power drill to make the hole.

Be sure to use a thin drill bit, no larger than the circle on the cartridge, and stop drilling once you break the surface of the plastic. If you're working on a multicolor cartridge, poke through each of the 3 circles.

Poke a needle into each hole to confirm the color for multicolor cartridges. Take a long cznon that will reach the bottom of the cartridge chamber. Insert it through the hole until it touches the bottom and rub it around. Then pull it back out and see which color ink should be in that cartridge. Part 3 of Fill the syringe with the correct ink. Dip the tip of the syringe into the correct ink bottle.

If your syringe has a pump, squeeze that to fill the chamber. If it has a plunger attachment, pull on this to fill the syringe. Check the canob for your cartridge size, and fill the syringe with that volume of ink.

Inject the ink through the hole in the cartridge. Insert the syringe into the cartridge and slowly fill it with ink. Do not squirt the ink out quickly or the cartridge could overflow. Stop filling if ink begins welling up through the hole.

Wipe off the cartridge. Use a rag or paper towel and make sure there is no ink left on the cartridge. Also use a paper towel with some rubbing alcohol to wipe off cl41 sensor on each cartridge. If any ink is on the sensor, the printer may not read it. Put tape over the hole you drilled and poke a hole through it. Cover the entire top of the cartridge to prevent ink leaks. Then take a needle or toothpick and poke a small hole through the tape over the hole you drilled.

This provides a vent for the cartridge. Scotch or electrical tape works well. Duct tape would be too sticky. Insert the ink cartridges back into the printer.

Take each cartridge and reinsert it into the slot you removed reffill from. Depending on your printer type, you may have to press down until you hear a dartridge. This lets you know the cartridge is in place. Run a test print. Check your work by making sure your printer works after replacing the cartridges.

You can print anything, but a specialized test page will check all the colors on one page. What hhow I do if after filling my printer cartridge the printer is still saying they are empty? Each printer how to build a deck on concrete a reset method.

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Oct 20,  · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Jun 17,  · Should the cartridge print in streaks, first refill the cartridge, then start a cleaning cycle with your printer software. If the problem remains, fill a bowl with ? inch of warm water (max temperature 90F) and soak the cartridge in it for 1 to 2 hours. Use an empty syringe without needle to pressure air from above into the openings. Locate the ink refill holes on the top of the ink cartridge. You may feel a depression when you rub the label with your fingers. Some ink cartridges have more than one hole, but only one leads to the ink cartridge being refilled. There is a sponge in that hole.

Attach needle to syringe and load syringe with ink 5 ml for color ink, 20 ml for black. Use the small drill to enlarge in the hole. Use a tooth pick to poke inside hole, verify the color sequence. Insert needle into correct cartridge ink hole.

Make sure needle reaches to bottom of cartridge. Stop if the ink begins to well up from the fill hole. Repeat steps until all colors have been filled. Place scotch tape over the top of the cartridge so it covers every hole. Use a pin and put a small hole vent hole through the scotch tape for each hole on the top of the cartridge.

Reinstall in printer and run one or two cleaning cycles until the cartridge begins to print correctly. Do not exceed three cleaning cycles. Knowing that the ink level cannot be correctly determined anymore, please refill the cartridge as soon as you see faded colors. Should the cartridge print in streaks, first refill the cartridge, then start a cleaning cycle with your printer software. Use an empty syringe without needle to pressure air from above into the openings. By doing so produce a high pressure within the ink chambers, and press the air bubbles out of the nozzle chamber.

If the printer stops you from printing because of low ink indicator, you can disable the indicator by following procedures:. Remove cartridge label. Locate the vent holes on the top of cartridge.

Clean off top of cartridge, un-tape the next fill hole and tape over the one just filled. Clean off the cartridge. Re-insert the plugs. Have more questions?

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