How to reduce road accidents essay

how to reduce road accidents essay

Solution To Reduce Road Accidents Essay

Jun 23,  · How to Reduce Road Accident Essay Steps to be taken for Preventing Road Accidents • Most important method to bring down accidents is strict enforcement ofspeed limits % of accidents can be avoided by strict enforcement ofspeed limits. • Heavy Penalty should be imposed on ALL those who cross speed limits. Dec 15,  · Steps to be taken for Preventing Road Accidents • Most important method to bring down accidents is strict enforcement ofspeed limits % of accidents can be avoided by strict enforcement ofspeed limits. • Heavy Penalty should be imposed on ALL those who cross speed limits. Ifthis is strictly implemented, nobody will dare to go at high speed.

Accidents involving fatalities during the festive seasons has increased drastically. We should take this as a serious matter as it brings a lot of negative impacts to the road users and people around us. Based on a survey which has been conducted recently, the number of road accidents in has increased about 25 percent compared to last few years. Authorities believe that the number of death toll in road accidents will increase continuously throughout the year if there is no strict rules are imposed.

There are many reasons why there has been an increase in fatal accidents over the year. Firstly, drunk drinking is the main reason that causes road accidents. Intake of certain amount of alcoholic drinks will make one feel unconscious and unwell. When he or she lapses into unconsciousness, he what is pre- set criteria she might not be able to drive with a sober mind.

This is because their mental power is unable to function well at that moment and they tend to lose their senses as well. Besides that, negligence and reckless driving also cause fatal accidents. Reckless drivers usually like to break rules and even tend to challenge the police officers. Some the drivers like to tail along ambulances during emergency cases when the siren is on.

Those are the irresponsible road users that should be suspended or fined. On the other hand, talking or messaging on the mobile phones while during driving is jeopardizing your own life and the lives of your loved ones. People like to use their phones to chat incessantly and keep looking at their phones every second.

Sometimes, we should limit oneself not overuse it especially when you are driving. Road users should always be caution and pay full attention while behind the wheels. In addition, exhaustion and tiredness can cause road tragedy. When a person travels long distance to reach the respective destinations, they will feel drowsy and exhausted which make them to lose focus on driving. Some of them even fall asleep behind the steering wheel. In order to avoid any untoward tragedy, one should get enough rest before starting your jorney.

Also, do not take any medicine while driving on the road. There are many ways to overcome the fatal incidents. Government should remind all road users to always adhere to speed limit and not to beat the red light. Observation of traffic rules and regulations will ensure a safe journey. Government should also launch some campaigns in order to develop awareness among the motorists.

In a nutshell, all parties should play their parts efficiently in order to reduce the road accidents. All Malaysian drivers are urged to practice courtesy and consideration at all times while on the road because millions of vehicles will be sharing the same road. Remember, better to be safe than sorry.

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The first solution to reduce road accidents is driving disciplines. As suggested by DSA DRIVING THEORY TEST UK (), “Each country has different road, traffic and driving conditions and due to these conditions, driving rules can differ from one country to another. If you are driving in any country then you must follow the country traffic rules, signs and signals. So if you already get the driving . Jul 28,  · The government should introduce deterrence to reduce the accident on our road. For instance, the government can install speed cameras in the accident-prone place. This will help authorities to identify and take legal action to the driver that do not follow the speed limit. Besides that, every driver should obey road sign and traffic rules. Observation of traffic rules and regulations will ensure a safe journey. Government should also launch some campaigns in order to develop awareness among the motorists. In a nutshell, all parties should play their parts efficiently in order to reduce the road accidents.

Car accidents are unexpected events that occur to motor vehicles causing damage of the vehicles, structures, fatalities and even death of the people in the vehicles. According to a research done by the United Nations, the rate of growth of accidents in the world continue to increase with over two million deaths and thirty million injuries reported annually.

The studies revealed that over seventy percent of the deaths that resulted from road accidents occurred in developing countries. These imply that automobile accidents are a major problem in developing counties stretching from regions of pacific Asia to many parts of Sub Sahara Africa which contribute to over fifty percent of these accidents. The numbers of vehicles continue increasing every year and governments are responding by constructing modern roads that can facilitate smooth transportation of goods and people so as to realize economic growth and reduce accidents which are increasing dramatically.

In fact, car accident are ranked second to the major killer disease AIDS in terms of causing deaths and lose of property and resources. As a result, government policies to increase economic empowerment among the people are destructed by car accidents. There are different classifications of road accidents depending on where the damage has been done on your vehicle. When a car hits another and there are minor damages on the vehicle, the accident is referred to as a rear impact car accident.

An example of such an accident is when a vehicle hits another from the back due to failure of the brakes. When a car hits another for the side, the type of accident is referred to as side impact accident. It usually occurs when a vehicle enters another vehicles lane as a result of an abrupt stop and thereby skidding at a right angle.

According to Abdelane 20 , in the United States, more than a third of the accidents in the US are side impact accidents. When a vehicle hits another car or object in front it is said to have undergone head on collision.

This type of accident not only happens to cars but also trains. This type of accident is commonly encountered by drunk drivers and those drivers who dose while driving. This type of accident is most likely to occur when a car enters a road from a wrong direction. When a car is involved in an accident and it turns in a manner that it lays on its side or roof, it is said to have had a roll over accident. This type of accident normally happens to tall tracks Obenski, 3.

The nature of infrastructure, construction of bridges which do not meet safety standards leading to defects on the road like potholes; improper maintenance of motor vehicles by the owners have caused many accidents.

Some of the accidents that arise due to poor maintenance are due to failure of the breaks, improper alignment of the wheels thereby causing bursting, mechanical problems associated with the wheel, and failure of the headlights Abdelane, Bad weather also contributes to the rise in the motor vehicle accidents.

On a misty day, visibility on the road can be very bad. Cars on the road may end up colliding due to the failure of the drivers to notice vehicles in the front or back due to poor weather conditions. Other conditions of the weather that can lead to accidents growth is the presence of unexpected floods and ice on the roads. These factors may make drivers notice their opponents late hence leading to collisions. Drivers may at times encounter distractions on the road as they drive, which may be within or outside the car.

Some of the incidents arising from this error are when the attention of the driver is focused on a phone or a mirror or an interesting event outside the car while the car is in motion.

It therefore follows that, anything causing the driver to concentrate outside the road is dangerous to the safety of the vehicle. Sometimes, the designers of the roads may do a shoddy job in designing the road. This could be due to poor placements of the traffic controls like inappropriate placements of the traffic signs so that the view of the incoming traffic is blocked at risky corners of busy roads.

In most cases, accidents arising from poor design are compensated by the government implying that both the owners of the vehicles and the State share the losses Livneh, Brumitt 66 argued out that several measures can be adopted to ensure that there is reduction in the number of accidents. A lot of these measures have to do with government involvement in designing policies that guide road users but individual people must also take collective responsibility to avoid traffic offences.

Governments should establish bodies that oversee the overall implementation of set up policies like the National Road Safety Committee. The responsibility of the committee should target the following areas of concern: pile up pressure on all government departments and ministries to ensure that they give out guidelines that aim to minimize car accidents.

The committee should ensure that the lives of people are protected as well as protection of property from any losses arising from road accidents. Another effective control measure that can be taken to ensure that road accidents are reduced drastically is by keeping an accurate data base of the accidents and their causes so that it can be used to devise means of minimizing them. The records of the accident data system should be exact and consistent with assistance from established data collection systems.

By incorporating safety control measures in the school curriculum in the primary school level, a great deal will be reached in instilling safety measures to the younger generation so that they can acquire discipline of road safety measures right from initial stages of their lives to adulthood. The authorities should ensure that only drivers who have been trained and certified drive on the road.

In addition the authorities should ensure that people caught disobeying traffic rules are seriously punished by the law so as to instill discipline among the people Brumitt, Finally, in order to attain excellent safety measures that will reduce accidents significantly, the government has to commit itself to provide funding to road safety, the private sector has to commit itself to offering technical assistance and people have to commit themselves to the safety measures.

Oxford: Oxford University, March 1- 4, Brumitt, Meyers. Livneh, Ceder. Relationships between road accidents and hourly traffic flow : Accident Analysis and Prevention. New Yolk: February 22, Road accidents are becoming a major disaster in the world. According to Obenski of the National Transportation Safety Board, several factors cause road accidents and there is no particular sequence: it can be due to over speeding, lack of attention, cell phones and other distracters, ignorance, lack of proper training and poor maintenance of the vehicles.

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