How to open psp slim

how to open psp slim

Guide - To Opening a PSP

Feb 23,  · Learn how to open a PSP Slim () in only a couple of purchase a new screen or other parts for your PSP slim go to: Mar 08,  · Learn how to open a PSP (slim) and replace the UMD purchase a new UMD Drive or other parts for your PSP slim go to:

For tech gurus, it can always be interesting to see what is inside a video game console. Whether to better understand your PlayStation 3 or to try a DIY approach to repairing it, it is not very difficult to disassemble the console. Warranties are jeopardized by taking apart the PS3. Even for the most savvy of technicians, it is an economic risk to do this task.

Disassemble the PS3 at your own risk. Place your PS3 in a lighted area. Unplug it and make sure there is no electric charge going through the console.

Remove the rubber foot located at the top of the arc of the PS3 using a flathead screwdriver or piece of flat metal. Use a what is the proper pronunciation of celtic screwdriver on the screw underneath the foot. Use the Phillips-head screwdriver on the seven screws on the second cover of the console. Carefully lift this second cover off to reveal the inside of the console. Make sure there is no electric charge in the console.

Unplug it and let it set out for a few minutes to be sure there is no charge. Share It. Things You'll Need. Slide the top of the case off. Take the top off the PS3 after sliding the case. PS3 Support Page.

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How do you open your PSP SLIM (PSP ) and replace the faceplate? See this video for a quick guide. Thanks to for the equipment. Onc. Oct 18,  · Step 1 PSP Teardown. This is the easy part, place the PSP upside down, on its top side. There's only one screw to Step 2. Start by removing the three screws highlighted by the red circles. . How do you open your PSP SLIM (PSP ) and replace the faceplate? See this video for a quick guide. Thanks to for the equipment. Onc.

Time Required. This step requires the removal of the warranty sticker. Removing the sticker will void the warranty.

According to the FTC removing this will not void your warranty. If the screws stick in the case, you can use a magnetized screwdriver to draw them out. The two shorter 4 mm screws are on the top of the PSP; the longer 5 mm screw is on the bottom. Start on the right hand side of the PSP bezel, and carefully work the tool around the side.

If you want to clean the control buttons or D-pad, you can easily pop them out once the faceplate is off and wipe them clean. Remove the home bar by gently prying on the left and right sides of it with the opening tools. Lift the bar out of the device. A ribbon cable connects the home bar to the logic board. Be careful not to damage the cable when removing the bar.

With the home bar out of the way, gently pry up the display using the opening tools. There is another ribbon cable attached to the bottom of the LCD. Be careful not to damage either of the connectors when removing. Lift the black tabs of the ribbon cable connectors using a opening tool. Pull the ribbons out towards the bottom of the PSP to disconnect. Carefully disconnect the UMD drive ribbon cable from the logic board. Use the PSP opening tools to push the black tabs on the connector horizantally to free the cable.

This connector cannot be removed vertically. At this point it is useful to tape the loose metal parts with some masking tape so they don't fall out whilst you have the PSP the other way up. With the front side of the PSP facing you, locate small white plastic box with metal spring attached. If you do not fully remove the spring, there is a risk of breaking the UMD Drive door while disassembling.

Pinch upper arms inwards to dislocate them from the UMD door. Be careful not to break off plastic knobs that secure the door in place, otherwise the UMD Drive will not open properly. If you have not disconnected the UMD ribbon cable, do so now, as to not damage it when removing the drive. If you have not disconnected the UMD ribbon cable do so now, as to not damage it when removing the drive. With the four screws unscrewed, the UMD Drive can be removed.

Gently lift the drive from its housing. Make sure as to not damage the UMD ribbon cable connecting it to the logic board as you remove the drive. This may be a good time to clean the laser head or any of the components inside the UMD Drive. Cancel: I did not complete this guide. Badges: I've used this guide multiple times and it is simply the best out there. Fix Your Stuff. Difficulty Difficult.

Steps Time Required 15 - 30 minutes. Sections 4. Flags 0. Introduction Having trouble reading discs? This guide is for you! Step 1 Battery. Add a comment. Add Comment Cancel. Step 2 Front Casing. Step 3. Step 4. One comment. Step 5. Step 6 Display. Step 7. Step 8 UMD Drive. Step 9. Step Almost done! To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. You're Finished! Author with 8 other contributors. One Comment. Single Step Full Guide. Small - px Medium - px Large - px.

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