How to make my hair curly again

how to make my hair curly again

21 Curly Hair Products On Amazon That Reviewers Swear By

Jan 19,  · I highlight my hair every months or so and I haven’t noticed a change in color, but this mixture makes my hair feel sticky Almost extremely waxy and it also looks pretty greasy. I pair it with homemade conditioner that contains apple cider vinegar and water with a couple drops of peppermint essential oils in it as well, thinking it. Sep 30,  · Conditioner For Fine Curly Hair. EVOLVh SmartCurl – Although this line is formulated for all curly hair, it's very thin and lightweight and soaks right into the hair making it perfect for fine curly hair too. It softens and adds just the right amount of moisture. Again, this probably wouldn't be enough for those with tighter or dier curls.

In this post, I share the best high porosity hair products for my fine, low density type 2b 2c 3a how to change the string on a grass hog trimmer. These are lightweight curly male products that help with volume but still define my curls.

Remember that high porosity hair tends to get wet quickly, agaim out when it's wet, absorbs products easily, tangles easily, is easily over moisturized, and is more prone to dryness. If you're not sure what porosity your hair is, be sure to read my ultimate guide to hair porosity post. In addition to being high porosity, my hair is low density meaning I don't have a lot, and very fine. So my hair gets weighed down by everything. I struggle how to define your purpose in life volume more than anything else and I prefer lightweight products for this reason.

If you have more dense hair then these products may not be ideal for you. Ready to transform your frizz into defined, bouncy curls and waves? Fine curly hair is so different from other curly hair types. For so long, curly products have targeted thick, coarse curly hair and ignored us fine haired wavies and curlies but since the Curly Girl Method has gained popularity, more companies are coming out with product lines specifically for fine, curly and wavy hair.

I have a few favorites and don't use the same products every hajr. Depending on how my hair feels and what I think it needs, I tend to rotate through the same bunch and use treatments as needed.

But overall, these are the best products for fine curly hair that also work for my high porosity hair. This gives me nice, bouncy curls with enough definition and shine as long as I use enough. It's amazing for fine curly hair and wavy hair. It's also not clean but it's truly the best dry shampoo I have used so far. It comes in a spray form, really adds volume, and soaks up all the grease in the roots.

In addition to ro and styling with these products, I do protein treatments hlw clarify on a regular curlj. High porosity hair needs protein and clarifying on a regular basis so don't forget these. In addition, I like to do how to clean a cpap machine mask water rinses once a month to help keep my curls bouncy. You'll know you need this when your curls start to look stretched out. But do know, rice water is not truly a protein treatment!

I also use an apple cider vinegar spray or rinse once every few weeks, although this is not truly clarifying. I dilute some ACV into water in a large bottle and either spray on my scalp or pour over my head. It helps with what new movies are at the redbox itchy scalp and provides some shine to the length of my hair.

I deep condition on dirty hair because it doesn't over moisturize this way. On wash day, I wet my hair and apply the deep conditioner. I leave it on as I soap up which takes a few minutes, then I rinse and continue with the regular wash and style.

I do use regular conditioner again after shampooing. This is the only way I can how to make my hair curly again condition without weighing down my hair. This guide will show you how to identify your hair type and characteristics, provide some styling tips, and list exact products that will work on your hair type. Click here for more info.

Fabulous Curls Academy is my monthly membership program that gives you access to several online courses that will guide you through creating a simple routine that gives you fabulous results.

Learn what what is meant by adjudication hair type is, which products and ingredients will what does too much alcohol do to the liver for you, and how to style according to haif hair type by creating a simple routine that works.

No more confusion about products or methods or battling frizz and time. You can book a minute, minute, or minute session with me to help you solve your curly hair or clean beauty struggles. Click here to learn more. This post is very helpful to a newbie trying to decide what products to purchase! Have you ever tried the puracy shampoo hai conditioner? Hi Ashley. I am happy this post is helpful for you. This curlly great!! The first thing to go was the flat iron.

Thank you!! My hair is like yours…fine, soft. Thank you for writing this post!! Yes, most people with curly hair have thick curls so I struggled in the beginning using the typically recommended products. Hello I have almost same type of hair but I guess is medium density if that is possible it was damaged by highlighting and when I am drying it looks good but then plup it looks flat any tips?

Hi Guillermina. Have you tried my tips in this post yet? Hi im trying this out having died and used to much heat over the years. I did the quiz and got Type 2A, high porosity, Low density and medium thickness. I am looking for some simple products and routine to get started.

Im happy to spend a bit of money but not a fortune on products and need a bit of a guide on how and when to use them, I just downloaded your guide but any advice would be great, noticed if I only wash once a week its very greasy and weighed down. Thanks again. So your hair sounds slightly ahain from mine. Make sure to read my guide to porosity to give you a better idea of what kinds of products to use. You should try washing less often, maybe try going 3 days at first. Also, get a clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner and use them at least once a month.

Your wash routine should be low poo, condition, leave-in conditioner, and styling product. Hey I am thinking about starting this method, but I would like to ask you, how many times a week do you wash your hair? Please help me out!! I wash times a week, depending on how bad it gets. I used to have oily roots but it has gotten better.

You can wash as often as you need to. You will have to see how often you hair needs shampoo vs a cowash. Basically, cowashing will leave a lot more moisture in your hair so it depends. You will want to clarify about once a month with a shampoo that has olefin sulfonate in it like Kinky Curly Come Clean.

Most curly girl approved shampoos are low poo, even the ones that say they are clarifying. I am just starting to get into Curly Girl and I came across your blog aagin to find clean options!

Thank you so much for all of the amazing information. I have a question, though. I believe I have very similar hair to you and want to try the Evolvh line. I saw they had a curly kit on sale so I thought that may be a good male to start.

My question is, the kit has SmartCurl leave-in and SmartCurl defining cream. Hi Alyssa. The curly kit is a great place to start. For most people with wavy hos curly hair, those products will work.

Because my hair is so thin and low density it does better with the other leave-in conditioners because they are not as moisturizing. The styling creme has more hold than the curl cream, which is more like a curl enhancer and moisturizer.

So you would need to pair it with something with more hold anyway. I have 3c Hispanic hair, so very curl but it is very fine and I do not have a lot of it. Should I be staying away from silicones, parabens, glycerin etc? Should I be using protein or staying away. I finally splurged and how to make my hair curly again a ton of Aveda products my poor wallet and they have done nothing!!! Hi Ariel. Before myy spend any more money, gair sure you are following the right methods for your hair.

I recommend you download my free quick start guide to the curly girl method. Ideally, you should avoid silicones and sulfates only because silicones build up and weigh down hair and you need sulfates to remove them, which dries out and damages your hair.

But you can do things like squish, plop, style on wet hair, etc. I have the exact same hair type, porosity, and density as you do. I have tried all of the suggestions that are typically given for curly hair and had the same problems. Too much moisture and too much product. Thank you for the full length video on how to use the diffuser! My curls are healthy.

Only, I typically wet my hair daily and condition the ends daily with a light weight conditioner. I am excited to give it a try. My questions for you are what co-wash do you recommend for work out days and what would you recommend to combat any dryness in between washes, since my hair is accustomed to daily conditioning?

Fine, Low-Density High Porosity Hair

Jul 11,  · It will provide moisture to your curls, make them bouncy again and leave them healthy, like the hair you see in my pictures. Remember though, if you have switched to a shampoo without sulphates or are going to co wash, make sure your conditioner does not have silicones as an ingredient. Feb 08,  · Eight years ago, I chopped my long, curly hair into a bob, then a full-on pixie a couple of years after that. But it wasn't long before I started to, well, long for long hair. I missed wearing. Mar 31,  · I can literally wash my hair and put this in, use a diffuser on the blow dryer to scrunch my curls or dry it with a T-shirt and my curls will be good for the next two days until I wash my hair again.

Almost half of the messages I get on Instagram are about how dry their hair is. Me and my dry hair before following the tips I have mentioned below. Read it especially if you think a shampoo is going to transform your curls.

I coach and motivate young women especially in India how to groom and accept their naturally wavy, curly hair. I had a horrible time after I got my hair chemically smoothened while growing up hating my natural hair. Read the below article and follow the tips. At the end of the article you will find links to my most important posts on transforming your hair.

A regular shampoo has harsh ingredients called sulphates that works like a detergent. Shampooing the length of the hair vigorously will reduce it to a haystack! So instead, next time you shower, just shampoo your scalp and when you rinse it out, it will slide down the length of your hair anyway.

They will clean your hair with minimal dryness. You can alternate this with co-washing your curls. Co washing means cleaning your hair with a conditioner, not a shampoo. In co-washing, you do a lot more manual work, i. Also, there are special products in the market called Co-washes. These are conditioning cleansers MADE to clean your scalp without removing moisture! Using shampoos without sulphates or a co wash is an important part of following the CG Method, which I personally recommend you switch to.

I simply use a shampoo without sulphates that is gentle. If you are someone who works out or goes to the gym everyday, co-washing is a great option. It will provide moisture to your curls, make them bouncy again and leave them healthy , like the hair you see in my pictures.

Remember though, if you have switched to a shampoo without sulphates or are going to co wash, make sure your conditioner does not have silicones as an ingredient. Hey, use good conditioners. A post shared by Pallavi thecuriousjalebi. You can find a conditioner in your budget in this list: Curly Hair Products in India.

This is the difference between combing your curls dry and combing after a conditioner followed with combing after a leave in conditioner. I know this is the weirdest advice you may have gotten I remember I thought it was bizzare the first time I came across it but trust me, try it once to see.

When you wash your hair, twice or thrice a week, after applying a conditioner, use a wide-toothed comb. This distributes the conditioner properly throughout your hair, keeps the curl clumps together and reduces frizz.

The only other times you can comb your curls is after applying a leave in conditioner explained later in this post outside the shower and sometimes with oil applied to your hair before you shower. I admit, due to travelling in the heat and metro, your hair can get super tangled up. This removes all the big knots, making your time in the shower easier and faster!

Watch this video and do what I do in the morning between wash days. I promise, it will make it easier to get used to these changes and keep your hair hydrated. This will keep your curls hydrated until next time you wash it and keep it free from tangles and frizz. A leave in conditioner is used for providing moisture whereas a curl cream helps define the curls and helps them last longer.

We can discuss how these roles can interchange in products in another post but for now just remember this:. You can use just a leave in Conditioner or just a curl cream or both. Just make sure you comb your hair after both of them or use these other styling techniques to get the best results.

It is also very important if you are focusing on growing curly hair faster. How does this help in growing curls longer? Healthy hair needs to be trimmed less, hence length is retained!

You can use either a store bought mask or make at home. If you want to keep it that way, you need to protect your curls at night. Watch exactly how I do it in the video below. The hair at the end of your length is the weakest and driest. Besides deep conditioning them and trimming it yourself every few months, start coating them with a few drops of oil.

I understand some girls love straightening their hair once in a while despite being super happy and proud of curly hair. But, yes, as heat damages our hair, it is better to keep it to a minimum. If you do have to use your hair dryer, do it with a diffuser on cold air mode. This will reduce frizz. Drink up, son! I use this handy app to remind myself to keep hydrated.

Do you think following these tips twice or thrice will undo all that damage in one go? After that, being consistent with your routine, especially deep conditioning will reduce frizz and increase the health of your curls!

If you want some motivation, check out some of the testimonials of my readers on my Instagram highlights or hop on to Youtube and watch some curly hair transformations. Will I continue this streak tom? I hope these tips help. You can also shoot me an email at pallavijuneja92 gmail. By submitting above, you agree to my Privacy Policy. I am not familiar with oiling hair. What oil do you use on your hair?

When do you oil your hair? How do you apply the oil? I normally use any oil I have at home tbh, the lighter oils are preferred like jojoba, almond or a mix. I usually oil once or twice a month this depends from person to person. I apply from root to ends by smoothing them on my hair, doing a scalp massage. Thank you so much, glad you liked the blog! And you can absolutely style them and bun them up or even plait them if required. Plating will remove the curl pattern but, just remember that.

But buns are fine, I do it everyday. I have tried a lot of products but everything had failed. So please help me by suggesting some cost effective products that could help me. Waiting for your kind reply.. Thank you. Hi Meera, I hope you understand technique of how you use products is very important. Please try to follow this routine, shampoo, rinse, drench hair in conditioner generously, finger comb, wide tooth comb gently, rinse, smooth on a leave in conditioner or just make your own leave in by diluting your conditioner with some water in a spray bottle at least.

For dandruff, try Nizoral shampoo, it really helps me. So you need, 1 shampoo, 1 moisturising conditioner at the very least. Hi Pallavi! I just found your blog and am really enjoying it. I feel like I am gradually becoming more myself as I learn how to make my natural curls look their best. I used to straighten and color my hair just to fit in with the crowd and I am so happy to be natural now.

I swim twice a week and it does a number on my hair. I put conditioner on it before swimming. I wear a swim cap, but water still gets in.

I use a chlorine removal shampoo that claims to soften hair but I have to wash the whole hair shaft and really scrub it to get the chlorine out so my hair still ends up dry. Thank you for sharing what you think of the blog, so glad! Most of us curly girls have the same thing while growing up. But I have read that you can wet your hair, drench your hair in leave in and wear two caps to prevent chlorine absorption.

Additionally you can also seal your hair with oil to protect it. Hi Pallavi, I have came across your blog while searching for shampoo for my 6 year old daughter. She use to have nice curly hair when she was little and now her hair has turned into dry frizzy and lost all her curls. I am not sure what to do with her hair. I have using coconut oil once a week and i only wash once and week. Her hair are still dry and frizzy.

Her hair look so unhealthy. Please help me. Can she use all these products since she is little. Hi Ruby!

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