How to make and infinity scarf

how to make and infinity scarf

How to Make an Infinity Scarf

Apr 07,  · To make an infinity scarf, you’ll need 3/4 yard (60” wide) of lightweight knit fabric. Fold the fabric in half the long way, pretty sides facing together inward. Pin the edges together. Stitch the long side together 1/2” from the edge by hand (remembering to backstitch) or use . Dec 03,  · How to Make an Infinity Scarf Step 1: Infinity Scarf Supplies + Materials. If you decide to use jersey to make your infinity scarf, I recommend using Step 2: How to Pin and Fold the Fabric for Cutting. Because we're working with such large pieces of fabric for this Step 3: Cutting Fabric for.

This DIY infinity scarf is ot and easy to put together - even for beginning sewists! You can make this infinity scarf using one or two colors, maybe even more if you feel like stitching together multiple pieces to form a panel.

This infinity scarf is sewn so that you don't have any raw edges showing, which makes it look much more professional! You can use this sewing technique with just about any fabric.

Jersey and fleece work really well and drape nicely, but you could also use quilting cotton, linen, or other apparel fabric, too! I've chosen to sew my infinity scarf out of grey jersey and stretch lace because I really like the way they look together.

If you decide to use jersey to make your infinity scarf, Infibity recommend using a walking foot - it'll make sewing easier!

Sadly the one I have is not compatible with my machine. If you want a one color scarf, cutting a piece of fabric 28x60 is perfect - you'll just fold it in half and sew. If you'd like to make a multicolor scarf, sew together enough pieces that you end up with two 14x60 panels.

Because we're working with such large pieces of fabric for this infinity scarf, I find it's easier to fold the fabric and cut out a 14x30 or 28x30 if you're doing one color! Folding it will make your cuts more precise. If you're working with jersey, I recommend pinning lines just outside where you'll be cutting for the infinihy - jersey can be a little slippery and try to run away from you if you don't secure it. Pinning will keep both layers together as you cut.

I cut the first scarf panel using a rotary cutter and a ruler to make sure my edges were all nice and straight. Once that was done, I kept the first panel folded in half and laid the stretch lace over it and used it as a guide to trim the lace to the right size with scissors. Don't worry if your edges don't line up totally perfectly - this scarf is really forgiving and we'll trim the infunity next. Keep the scarf wrong side how to make and infinity scarf so the seams are visible.

Reach into one end and grab the other end from the inside. You should have four ends all laying together - the outside is wrong side out, the inside layers right side out. Pin the top two layers together and the bottom two layers together so it forms an open tube. Leave a inch wide spot without what is a media planner buyer - you're not going to sew in that area so you can turn the scarf right side out.

I marked that spot using vertical pins. If your sewing machine has a free arm, take off the bed so you can sew in the sccarf. Otherwise, just lay the scarf ends down so you can sew through only one layer at a time. Start at the bottom vertical pin and then around to the top one. Now we'll need to close the tiny hole that's left.

You can line up the edges and run over them with the sewing machine, or sew it closed using a slip stitch. If you've never done a slip stitch before, maoe a great thing to learn! I do it every time I can. Here's my tutorial for learning to slip stitch. I lucked into finding out these work well for fishing in bad weather, as it goes under your rain gear and makes a nice seal.

Holds in the heat, lnfinity a nice little backup barrier from the rain ecarf even makes the gear more comfortable. Not how to make tempera paint permanent guys using these, but make it black or camo and I'm sure more would use them. Might I suggest one with thicker fabric and an option for a small pocket that could hold one of those disposable hand warmers?

In the harsh weather, I'd love to try it. Really well done, and I'm hoping to make one soon instead of buying them. Ahhh, so cute! I actually just finished a lace and jersey infinity scarf and was going to publish it too! I'm going to make another with more contrast. I totally love scarves I like to sneak some vapor rub on my anc and then wrap up in a scarf. Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. Introduction: How to Make an Infinity Scarf.

By jessyratfink making jiggy hand embroidery Follow. More by the author:. About: I work at instructables by day, and turn into a stitch witch by night.

For a two color scarf, you'll need two 14x60 panels. If you're cutting two panels, doing it that way will save you a good amount of time. Pin the panels together, right sides facing. Pull the other end through the scarf so it meets up with how to play piano for intermediate end you reached through. Make sure the side seams line up when pinning - it'll make it look nicer. Turn the scarf right side out and marvel at how awesome it looks.

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Kid Name Circle Board by julien. Reply Upvote. What a great way to make this, very well documented. I love what wolfsingleton wrote, too! Muhaiminah Faiz doodlecraft Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. Yours turned out really classy!

Eagerly waiting to see it with more contrast :. Muhaiminah Faiz 6 years ago on Introduction.

Introduction: How to Make an Infinity Scarf

Last Updated: July 20, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more Infinity scarves are one of the coziest trends around. These long scarves are connected at the ends so you can loop them into an infinity symbol or figure 8 shape before you pop the loops onto your head.

Sewing an infinity scarf is a great beginner project since you're only stitching a few seams, but you can also turn an existing scarf into a no-sew infinity scarf. If you're more comfortable working with yarn, try crocheting or knitting your own infinity scarf.

To make an infinity scarf by hand, start by folding a large rectangular piece of fabric in half, matching the long edges. Then, sew the edges together. All you have to do is tie a flat knot and tuck in the ends of the scarf. To learn more about making an infinity scarf, like how to crochet an infinity scarf, read on!

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Look for a comfortable fabric in a color that you like. If you plan on washing the scarf, read the care label to learn if you can toss it in the washing machine and dryer. If you'll be wearing the infinity scarf during chillier weather, pick a heavy, textured fabric. For lighter weather, choose a softer, lightweight fabric like cotton.

If you're using cotton fabric, wash and dry it to preshrink the material before you cut it. Cut the fabric so it's 1 yard 0. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut a piece of fabric so it's a long rectangle that's 1 yard 0. If your fabric is wider than 45 inches cm cut it until it's 36 or 45 inches 91 or cm wide, which is the standard width of fabric bolts.

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and pin the raw edges together. Lay the strip of fabric flat so the pattern faces up. Then, fold the raw edges over and line them up with the bottom layer of fabric. Push sewing pins through the fabric edges every few inches to keep the material in place.

Use a sewing machine to straight stitch along the length of the scarf. Start sewing at 1 end of the pinned edge and sew across to the other end.

The seam allowance is the space between the edge of your fabric and the seam line you're stitching. The zigzag stitches are more flexible so they won't break if you pull on the scarf.

Pull the ends of the tube together and pin the edges. Reach your hand down through the fabric tube you just made and grab the end. Pull it up towards the other end of the tube. Then, line up the short ends so the seams are touching and insert sewing pins around the edge of the tube. This is why it's important to leave a gap when you sew the short ends; you'll reach in and completely turn the fabric right side out. Straight stitch around the end of the tube and leave a 3 in 7.

Keep sewing around the edge of the tube until you're 3 inches 7. Pull the scarf right side out and slip stitch the gap closed. Reach into the gap you left and flip the patterned side of the fabric out. Then, thread a sewing needle with matching thread and insert the needle through 1 edge of the gap. To slip stitch, sew back and forth between the seam allowance until you reach the stitches that you sewed with the machine.

Stick your head through them and fluff the scarf around your neck. Method 2 of Lay a T-shirt flat and cut off the bottom seam. Use an old or new T-shirt that's the color you'd like your infinity scarf to be. Spread it flat and smooth out any wrinkles. Then, take a pair of sharp scissors and carefully cut across the bottom hem to remove about 1 inch 2.

If your scissors aren't sharp enough to cut through 2 layers of material, cut across the top layer and turn the shirt over so you can keep cutting. Cut across the middle of the shirt just below the armpits. You don't need the sleeves or neckline for your scarf, so cut across the shirt at the armpit level. If you'd like a narrow scarf, cut lower towards the bottom.

For a really skinny infinity scarf, cut across the shirt closer to the belly. Stretch the tube of fabric and twist it into a figure 8. Take the tube between both of your hands and pull it apart. Keep pulling so you see the fabric stretch and curl slightly at the edges. Then, twist it in the center to make a figure 8 or infinity shape that you can fold in half and slip over your head.

Method 3 of Choose a bulky yarn and get out a crochet hook or needle. Most infinity scarves are full and thick, so pick a bulky yarn in any color you like. Read the yarn label to see which hook or needle sizes to use with the yarn.

Knit or crochet a scarf that's at least 7 in 18 cm wide and 58 in cm long. You can follow any pattern you like or repeat a simple stitch to make a scarf that's at least 7 inches 18 cm wide. For example, knit a simple garter stitch or work double crochet to make the scarf. Then, bind off the edge. Twist the scarf in the middle and line up the ends. Spread your finished scarf flat on a work surface and twist it in the center. Fold half of the scarf over so the scarf has both the right side and wrong side facing up.

Then, carefully bring the ends together and line up the edges. If you want the infinity scarf to simply be a tube that you twist when you wear, don't twist the scarf before you join the ends. Whipstitch the 2 ends together to join the scarf. Thread a large tapestry or yarn needle with at least 2 feet 24 in of the same yarn as your scarf. Bring it up through the bottom stitch on 1 edge and pull to leave a 3 inches 7.

Insert the needle through the bottom stitch on the opposite edge of the scarf. Then, sew across the edges into the next stitch from the bottom. Whipstitch until you reach the other end of the scarf.

Pull both ends of the yarn to hide the stitches and weave in the tails. Once you've sewn stitches back and forth across the edges, hold the yarn tail in 1 hand and the working yarn in your other hand. Pull them in opposite directions so the edges of the scarf come together to hide the stitches. Then, thread a tail onto a tapestry needle and sew the tail into the edge of the scarf. If you pull too hard and the fabric puckers, just tug the fabric edges in opposite directions until they loosen.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. For the easiest no-sew infinity scarf, take a long scarf and tie the ends together in a knot. To wear the scarf, twist it in the middle to make a figure 8 and put your head through both loops.

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