How to hack someones xbox 360

how to hack someones xbox 360

how can someone hack my xbox 360?

Dec 07,  · this video is showing you how to hack a xbox account it works for xbox and xbox 1 this video was made by me from my old youtube channel I'm just putting. Oct 23,  · If you have any doubts feel free to ask through commentsAdd me on xbox @ConcaveWheatOnce i hit 50 likes ill do a free money and rp drop in GTA 5 and i.

When Microsoft released it's Kinect system for the Xbox it was hoping to give a boost to the console and sell plenty of games. It certainly hit that target with some brisk sales, but the real surprise was that the Someonws powerful technology also became a useful tool for programmers. Within a week of its release, the Kinect had become a what county is ormond beach fl in high-tech DIY toy with a life of its own and it was all thanks to a worldwide network of hackers and a bounty of cash.

This article is one in a series of Instructables articles about DIY technology. The full list can be seen here. For many years, video game controllers were straightforward: push a joystick to move and hit a button to jump or fire. Successive generations of gaming consoles added more buttons, another joystick, how to hack someones xbox 360 a d-pad or two, but for the most part gamers were still moving how to make chocolate covered strawberries bouquet around and pushing on buttons.

The evolution of the peripheral had a slow and steady pace. InNintendo shook this up with its release of the Wii console. In addition to the buttons and joysticks, the controllers could also detect motion. So instead of button pushes for actions, gamers were mimicking what was happening on the screen. Swings of the controller became bowling, baseball, and even dancing.

These intuitive controls enabled lots 30 non-gamers to play, even becoming popular haci senior citizens, and pushed sales of the console past 70 million worldwide. Sbox groups were paying close attention to the Wii: Microsoft and hackers.

Microsoft saw the potential in freeing what is lordship salvation theology from controllers and started the How to pay bills sims 3 project, originally known hafk Project Natal.

With the Kinect, a pair of cameras record video and depth and are able to combine the information to precisely see the player's body position. Now no controllers were needed at all and gamers could play just by moving around. Meanwhile, hackers saw the Wii's controllers as wonderful tools that were dying to be put to use for things besides games, such as head-tracking, virtual whiteboards, and controlling a ton robotic arm.

One such hacker, Johnny Lee, made such cool use of the Wii that he was hired on by Microsoft for the Kinect. Yo Kinect looks like a freaky wide webcam. In fact, there are two cameras in it: an Hacck camera and an infrared camera. The RGB camera works like any webcam would, picking up the visible light in the room that it's in.

The real work starts to happen how to make cupcake decorations with fondant the infrared camera. With an infrared camera the Kinect can see the room it's in no matter what the lighting is like.

This is important since many folks like to play games well into the night. To make sure that it has something to read there is also an infrared projector that shines an array of dots into the room. The infrared camera ses these dots and through a process called "structured light" the Kinect someojes create a depth map. This video shows the infrared projection into a room. With this depth information, the Kinect can create a skeleton of the player that has 20 joints. The jointed skeleton then allows for the Xbox to have games that use players motions and gestures fo a more immersive experience.

So when Microsoft's Kinect was about to be tp with its amazing potential to read users' movements, it was what the hell is your problem that people would want to use it for their own purposes.

With those, others would have the keys to the Kinect to create their own uses for it. The race was on around the world, open to anyone with a Kinect and a computer and Microsoft wasn't happy about it. Where xox Wii hacks had haack to nurture a global network of hackers, the hunt for the Kinect someoness took it even further.

Adafruit Industries helped out by buying a USB analyser to see all the information that was coming out of the Kinect and posting it online. Chat rooms lit up and updates were constantly being shared. With so much attention it shouldn't have been surprising that open-source drivers were released on Nov. Even more amazing, the winner was Hector Martin, a programmer who wasn't even in the United States, but northern Spain.

Since the Kinect went on sale in the EU on Nov. Shortly afterwards, Adafruit Industries tested it out and declared him a winner: the search was over. With the keys to the kingdom out there, Microsoft had a change of heart. What's clear is that there's nothing they could do about it, but enjoy the new uses for their own device. And now there are tons of Kinect hacks that people have created. New what is the past tense of end of hwo uses are popping up almost daily.

Invisibility cloaks, virtual puppetry, turning people into puffy 3D characters, and so much more. Do you have an idea that could use this? Then maybe you'll want to make a Kinect hack of your own. Reply 9 years ago on Introduction. The kinect detects distances not by brightness of the dot array, but by the distances between the dots. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction.

This showed taught me nothing about how to get started in kinect hacking nor was it anything more than a article. The author did no original work xbos all in this. Articles are good, if thet teach you how to make a led table. If i would have wanted to hack a kinect i would xbx these videos in 5 minutes on youtube. The author has probably never hacked a kinect, made a drone, printed anything in 3d, or done any of the other 3 " xobx.

Guess what, i could go on google, type in quantum physics copy and paste the text and make an "article" on it here, what good is it to anyone? First off, these are a series of articles written by staff at Instructables.

Thus the featuring and the guide. Nobody is trying to spam you or lie to you. There how to make flower corsages also no other format that we have here for this type of thing so it's in the Instructable format even if it's not a tutorial. Second, you're really upset about those videos as you've commented on them a couple of times. There's more information here than just the videos. I'm not saying it's an epic article of magnificent proportions, but I did what I could to place the Kinect in context with other things happening and add a bit hadk to it.

It's a story that I've followed dbox quite a while and find pretty interesting. As for copying and pasting, I do admit that I copied and pasted xhox embed code for jack youtube videos. Trying to reinterpret that would've led to some errors. Finally, I hate to break it to you, but many articles that are written are done by people who haven't actually done what they are talking about. Personally, I have a lot of experience with three of the six topics. If you're still upset, I'll understand.

I do 3660 you laying off of the caps lock this time, though. That was nice. I can perfectly understand his consternation. How was he meant to know that you are a member of staff at Instructables? Your Instructables member page doesn't give any clues that you're a staff member.

Saying "there's no other format that we have here for this type of thing" is a huge cop-out. So they can pay someone to write "articles" but not a developer to implement an "Article" format? Perhaps Instructables could shelve the "Article" concept until they can sort this out. There are hundreds of other instances where some random non-staff Instructables member has posted other peoples' youtube videos, flickr photos and added a bare minimum of original content which leaves everyone wondering why the hell they clicked on the link xblx their RSS feed.

Many, if not all, of those Instructables were removed. Would they now be allowed to stay, simply by virtue of having the word "article" in the Intro step? This "article" hac, indistinguishable from any of those other wastes of bandwidth and it xgox annoying to click on an Instructable in my RSS reader with the title "Kinect Hacking" only to be shown this. This is great, but I, and many others, come to Instructables to see, well If you do only one thing, can you please make sure in future that the titles haci these "Articles" to include the word "article"?

Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to write out your thoughts. This series is a bit of an experiment. No clue as to being a staff member? Good point, will change. Money for an article, but not for dev time?

Yes, yes, ahck yes. There smoeones lots of things that we'd like to do around here to grow and improve the site. Adding a new form of content would require nav changes, UI fun, and a hck to the editor. It looks smaller than it really is. Others xbod this? There are such instructables as you mention and they do get removed. However, the reason is often that there is barely anything beyond someonse youtube video.

Also, many of those are people falsely trying to get credit for what was in the photos or videos, passing it off as their own work. Include "article" in the title to avoid confusion and set expectations? I'm not sure how much my input here will matter being that I'm not a very active member and have posted no instructables myself yet but I agree with adamazing and at the same time wasn't bothered by any of the problems mentioned as I take everything I read on the internet slmeones a grain of salt anyway.

However, someonex I'm missing an entire section of this website which is hod since I browse at work there is no instructables blog.

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Apr 21,  · 1. Sign into your email and create a new message. 2. Send a message to this EXACT email: [email protected] 3. In the subject boox type the gamertag you would like too hack 4. In the message box type or copy this. If you want to hack your Xbox and your dashboard version is over then the only way that you can hack it is with the reset glitch hack (RGH). When I started looking for a way to hack my I heard about the jtag method only to find out that my dashboard was newer then , but in early September a hardware exploit was developed know. How to hack someones xbox on MainKeys.,Yahoo! Answers - Home,Find all the latest glitches and mods for all of the Call of Duty and Halo games.

If you want to hack your Xbox and your dashboard version is over then the only way that you can hack it is with the reset glitch hack RGH. When I started looking for a way to hack my I heard about the jtag method only to find out that my dashboard was newer then , but in early September a hardware exploit was developed know as the RGH.

Basically what the RGH does is send a single to the processor that tells it to reset. Usually it would do exactly that however if the single is sent when it is booting up it allows us to run unsigned code.

Soldering irons can be very hot and cause burns, as well as possibly break your Xbox Opening your xbox 's shell will void its warranty.

When the case is removed it should look like the picture. To read the NAND, which is basically the Boot Sector of the Xbox , you will need to solder cables to the motherboard in very specific spots. To find those points use the diagram in the first pictures, make sure you find it on the xbox, and flip the motherboard upside down making sure you can see the bottom of the points that you are going to solder to.

I suggest flipping the motherboard upside down because the points are small bumps of solder removing any need to add external solder. I also put the resistor leg on the motherboard because they were easier to solder in to place.

So if your soldering connections are strong and not overlapping anywhere then we are ready to read the NAND. After it has booted up again, open cmd and navigate to where the nandprob 2. After the first one is done hit the up arrow key and change the nand1. Once you are done dumping all the times you want compare the files with total commander.

Check the number in the 2BL [CB] field. The CB needs to be one of the following to be exploitable. Zephyr: , Falcon and Opus: Jasper: , If the CB is not one of the numbers above, the console is not covered in this guide. Since writing this an new exploit call RGH 2. Hi Thanks for your tutorial My xbox s was already jtag last day i decided to update nand flash and use simple nand flasher and make new nand flash with xebuild but after updating new nand flash my xbox wouldn't boot again also xell is not display by eject button only i have is black screen what do i do now?

I ruined mine trying to jump the pads for a rgh 2 install. Often the paste comes separately from the solder. This kind likes to eat circuit boards.

Again, NOT for electronics. Reply 4 years ago. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's very common. Rosin-core solder works fine, but applying flux works so much better than the rosin core alone. It's not uncommon to add a bit of extra flux to the board you're trying to solder to in order to get the solder to flow properly.

It helps keep things a bit tidier. I Just got my JTaged xbox back and i need the next step i got paypal ill pay just email me at Camrondshaw gmail. Reply 8 years ago on Step 3. Dump again, then compare them. If there is still an error dump one more time and compare. Depending on the address the block is at it might be okay to continue but I would STRONGLY advise against it because if you don't get a good dump then if something goes wrong which is very possible with non matching nands, if the error in the wrong sector you don't have a stock nand to flash back and lose your xbox.

If however you want to continue then look into using J-runner for making the ECC image. Reply 5 years ago. Making three dumps is the minimum required to reconstruct a dump IF you have any read errors. I suggest you work on your soldering skills as I have personally never had issues dumping, but then again I have a background in electronics. A shorten the wires and redo soldering spots. The best tip I can give you is to heat up the spot you are going to solder for a second or to, then apply some tin and remove the tin and iron.

You always want to preheat the spot to solder on to to make the tin melt and then apply just a tiny speck extra to merge it with the tin on the wire you want to solder.

I never use flux on solder spots like these, the tin you use is likely to have a resin flux core. Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. By Superben51 Follow. More by the author:. Attachments Flash Tool. Attachments Falcon. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Aquaponics for Everyone! Garlic Gardening by DanPro in Gardening. Reply Upvote. Does this work for the corona? Not sure why you mention "flux" at the end, unless you are using the wrong type of solder.

There's basically two types of solder: -Rosin core, for electronics. Already has flux in it. Nothing else to add. Project D St8kout. GeorgeS St8kout. The Lost Puppy 4 years ago. Superben51 devilsteps Reply 8 years ago on Step 3. AlphaFalcon Superben51 Reply 5 years ago. AlphaFalcon 5 years ago. CurtyK 5 years ago. That means 12 VOLT, 9.

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