How to find the number of a withheld call

how to find the number of a withheld call

What is a Withheld Number?

If you receive a call from an anonymous number, don't answer it. Dial *69 to return the call and see the number. If the line is available, your call will go through. If it's not, the service will actually try to call the number every minute for the next half hour. Jul 14, Call your phone provider and inform them of the repeated calls you have been receiving from a withheld number. Ask the customer service representative to tell you the withheld number and any other information she has about it. You may not be able to .

Have you ever gotten a call from an anonymous caller ID? Of course, you have! These pesky blocked number calls are not only annoying but can be a one-way street to a financially damaging scam or identity theft. In the most extreme cases, sinister people withhold their numbers to harass and threaten those who answer the phone. Getting a threatening call from a withheld phone number can make you feel powerless.

Can you go to the police if you don't even know who's calling you? How do you block a number that you can't see? The truth is that getting to the bottom of a blocked number isn't easy but it is possible. Most phone providers have an automatic callback service. If you receive a call from an anonymous number, don't answer it.

If the line is available, your call will go through. If it's not, the service will actually try to call the number every minute for the next half hour.

Unfortunately, an automatic callback isn't available in all areas, and sometimes, withheld callers are actually diverting the location of their original call. In that case, it won't work. Even so, this service usually costs just a few cents, so it's worth a shot. While you may not be able to get the exact withheld number, you can rest assured that the police can figure out who is trying to contact you by tracing the call. Call Trace should only be used in serious situations where someone is harassing or threatening you.

Don't bother local law enforcement because you're annoyed with telemarketers or hang-ups. You should get a confirmation tone and message if the trace was successful. You'll receive an error message if it was not. Keep a log of the date and time of these calls or you won't be able to retrieve the caller's information.

After tracing the call, contact local law enforcement who can work with your phone provider to retrieve the records. The only downside of Call Trace is that this option isn't available in every location or with every phone provider. It also incurs a charge which will show up on your next bill. There are numerous apps around the web offering the service of revealing withheld numbers. Most of them are a total toss up they don't usually work. TrapCall has been widely regarded as the preferred unmasking service with features in publications like Wired and The New York Times.

To unmask a restricted number with TrapCall, install the app on your cellphone. When a blocked number calls, decline to how to deal with a workaholic spouse. In a few moments, you'll get a call back from the actual number.

You can then opt to blacklist dont know how to make friends is calling. Rather than spending a lot of time or effort figuring out who's on the other side of a withheld number, you may simply want to sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry. This removes your number from various telemarketing call lists. If you still receive telemarketing calls after signing up, you can report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

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Her work has been featured in publications like Business Insider and Vice. Share It. Your cell phone can be programmed to block withheld numbers, and you may be able to request from your land line phone provider to stop blocked numbers. Be aware that some of these services may not follow all privacy laws.

Be sure to verify the validity and legality of any service you use to track anonymous calls.


Jul 14, If someone is calling you and the number is showing up as "unavailable" or "restricted," it can be a frustrating experience--especially if the withheld number calls are hang-ups or other kinds of harassment. This will force the caller to call you on an identifiable number. Dial *57 immediately after you hang up the receiver. Jan 22, The services are designed in such a way that the customer can withhold his or her number for individual calls or for all calls made from the phone. When you permanently withhold your number, any number that you call, the receiver is going to see number withheld instead of your phone number on their screen. Aug 25, From a landline people can dial before the number but not on mobiles,they would have had to do something else to withold their number from a mobile. It could also be a business number,some of.

However, what happens when you look at your phone and find out it is a private caller? When a private number calls your phone, their identity and contact information is not visible. The good news is that there are numerous ways to track the caller down and return the call from a private number! On the other hand, you can dial 69 on mobile phones to return the call of the recent private numbers. It is generally within 30 minutes from the most recent call.

When using this method, you will not obtain the actual phone number of the person who called you but at least you will be able to get in touch with the unknown caller. While there is no assurance that the caller will answer your call, you can get a voicemail that can provide some clues to their identity. This method will depend on your phone service provider. For instance, some providers deliver an auto-generated voice that provides you with the number together with the option to make a call.

However, this method has a precautionary measure with it before you proceed. It makes problems even worse in rare cases. Some restricted calls are computer-generated calls that aim to confirm if your mobile number is active. The purpose of calling you is to sell your contact information to scammers. As a result, returning a private call notifies the system that you still have an active phone number. If you are still unsuccessful with your search using the Last Call Return, you can opt to check your phone call logs when you receive your monthly statement.

Your phone service provider saves a log of your incoming and outgoing calls. There are instances where private number calls are revealed in these logs. The duration of how long these call records or logs are stored differs with each phone service provider. These records are generally saved for one to seven years.

Input the number in Google search or through the Yellow Pages to identify if the mobile number belongs to a landline or cellular phone. You can also find the location where the phone is registered using this website. In some instances, you may be required to pay a fee to receive a full report. However, this, in return, will give you a clue that robocallers or potential scammers are calling you. If you are searching for a method to unmask restricted calls, private numbers, or unknown calls, you can pay for a service such as TrapCall to unmask a private number.

TrapCall is a mobile app that reveals blocked and restricted callers. It provides you with the phone number and the name the mobile is registered to.

Download on iOS. Download on Andoid. Some phone service providers offer a call-tracing service to stop unwanted calls that are threatening, unlawful, obscene, or harassing. After the tracing attempt is done , a recorded message will inform you. If the phone company has successfully traced the address, name, and phone number of the unknown caller.

Some telephone service companies provide this service without a charge. On the other hand, others are requiring a small monthly payment for you to avail of it. If an unknown caller is successfully traced at least thrice and you have documented the dates and times that you configured call tracing, y ou can immediately contact the local law enforcement agency or even your phone company. They can act against these callers from harassing you.

While reading this guide, are you wondering how people hide or block their caller ID? How is it possible to call someone with an unknown number? As a result, your caller identity is hidden behind an unknown number. It is an easy method that works in any mobile phones or even landlines. If you are wondering how to hide your caller ID on every call you make, you must initially dial those numbers first before calling someone every time.

On the contrary, if you want to hide your caller ID in all your future phone calls, you must block your number permanently. If you have a mobile phone, you should call your mobile or phone carrier to ask how to permanently block your mobile number from caller IDs.

As a precaution, this action is not irreversible. However, smartphones have definitely evolved. The good news is that Android and iOS devices have different ways to make sure your phone calls have the ability to hide your caller IDs when making phone calls. To do this, perform the following:. To do this, please follow these steps:.

Aside from the vertical service codes mentioned in this article, other codes are compatible with most telephone service providers that you may not be aware of. Whether you will use the Last Call Return vertical service code or purchase a third-party application, unmasking an unknown number or restricted call is easier than ever before. After all, you deserve the peace of mind you need and to only receive calls that are important and necessary.

Unmasking private numbers also helps you block malicious calls and prevents you from becoming a victim of potential scams that might compromise your important and confidential data. Is there any other method that you can recommend in unmasking the identity of private number calls? Have you tried some of the methods that were mentioned in this article? If yes, let us know your firsthand experience in the comments below!

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