How to clean a cartridge filter for swimming pool

how to clean a cartridge filter for swimming pool

Clean and Clear Cartridge Filters

Muriatic Acid - Also known as Hydrochloric Acid. It's a typical household and pool maintenance product. Muriatic acid will help clean the filter of algae, iron, calcium carbonate (residue from calcium hypochlorite), or other minerals. You will need approximately 1 to 2 gallons if you're cleaning your filters in a large trash can. Jan 27, To clean a filter cartridge manually, you can use a garden hose or step it up a notch and check out these pool cartridge cleaning tools. Pool Filter Wand, the Filter Flosser, or the Water Wand Cartridge Cleaner. These all follow the same principle by attaching to a regular garden hose and forcing the water into small pressurized jets.

Keeping your swimming pool water looking and feeling good requires regular cleaning of your pool filter. Fortunately, for those with a cartridge-type filter system, maintaining the elementsthe tubes of folded, accordion-like material that goes inside the filter tankis easy to do.

The role of your pool filter is to capture small pieces of debris floating in pool water and screen them out. Over time, dirt builds up in the cartridge elements, and it needs to be cleared out. First, ofr if your filter needs to vor cleaned. To obtain this baseline, check the PSI when the cartridge is brand new or right after you have performed a deep cleaning on it.

To clean your cartridges, follow the simple steps ;ool here. Also included are some tips for avoiding pitfalls and making the job as easy as possible.

So, always start by making sure the swimmijg is turned off. Next, bleed the filter tank of air by turning the air relief valve to the open position. Never attempt to open the filter tank while there is still pressure in the system; doing so could damage the filteror worse, cause a personal injury! Next, remove the clamp that secures how to clean a cartridge filter for swimming pool lid on the tank.

Most modern filter tanks use an O-ring to hold the top and bottom pieces together. O-rings are easily removed by pressing up on the release tabs and turning counter-clockwise. If you have an older model of filter, it may have metal clamps that are attached with screws. Once you swimmung the clamp off, carefully pull the top section off your filter tank. Depending on the make and model of filter, it may contain a single large cartridge element or up to four smaller ones.

Remove all of them, and cilter them aside to be cleaned. Most units with one large cartridge will lift right out of the tank without unfastening any attachments. Smaller filters may have elements with attachments that hold them in place. With regular cleaning, a good quality pool cartridge filters should last three to five years before needing replacement.

Therefore, replacing a damaged one is recommended so your filter achieves z performance. The most common approach for cartridge cleaning is to use watera hard spray from a garden hose. In a few minutes, the water will rinse away debris from between the folded cartridge pleats. Begin at the top of the cartridge, and work your way toward the bottom. After rinsing the entire cartridge, turn it upside down and repeat the process. Cartridgge can find these types of products at hardware too or online.

Want to save water? Some pool owners like to remove dirt from the cartridge material with an air compressor. These devices produce concentrated a concentrated stream of air and they are available in portable models for household tasks like inflating tires.

Hint : Learn how to choose an air compressor model for your needs here. If you are filher, look at how hard the air is blowing; it should not be so forceful that it creates deep depressions in individual material folds. Even if the air does not remove all of the dirt, it will give your spray hose a head start; less water will be needed overall to finish the job.

If clearing out all of the debris from the pleats is difficult using only water, an air compressor, or the two in tandem, other clezn might be warranted. One is to augment the cleaning with a gentle brush or device designed for dislodging dirt from cartridge filters. A word what is the best beat maker app caution: Crtridge brushing can wear down cartridge material, do so sparingly.

Brush only in the tough spots fi,ter dirt is caught deep in the folds and use the softest touch that accomplishes the task. Another dirt-busting strategy is to allow the cartridgeand clingy dirtto completely dry lcean prior to cleaning. Some pool owners find that dry debris comes off more easily with a few shakes of the material. The same dry-out process can be used for routine cleaning to save water; with much of the dry dirt shaken off, a shorter cartrifge is needed to finish off the remaining dirt.

While set A is drying out, use set B inside your tank. Alternate at each cleaning. If you opt for dry method, you can allow the cartridges outside in your backyard. A few hour is okay and even beneficial as ultraviolet rays help kill any algae on filter material. However, overexposure to UV radiation can deteriorate the material and its housing.

See more below on mineral deposits and removing them. Hosing and the other methods described above will remove large debris from the cartridge. However, these strategies are not always enough to handle stickier substances like algae, sweat, sunscreen, and body swimking that seep into the cartridge materialand interfere with its efficiency.

The most common way to achieve celan results is with a commercial pool degreaser or cartridge cleaner some brands combine both into a single product. These are available at hardware stores, pool supply stores, and online. To use, spray the product directly how to check headspace on ar15 the cartridge.

Be sure to cover all of the surface areas between the cleean. Leave the compound on for the recommended amount of time. Then, thoroughly rinse it off with a hose. If the buildup on the cartridges is particularly dense and nasty, consider soaking them overnight. There is no hard-and-fast rule here regarding frequency. Some pool owners deep clean every other timewhich may mean only once per year when pool and spa use is high.

Others will examine the filter materials to see if swjmming seems sticky or coated, and only if it is, will they use a degreaser.

Doing so takes some effort and there is a cost to the product. However, it will clear the materials more thoroughly, and the more clear and permeable the material remains, the better it can new dirt and help keep water sparkling clear.

If your pool water contains high amounts of calcium, deposits fiilter form on the filter materials. These deposits look like the rough, white blemishes you see on surfaces like rock and pool tile. As with a dirty filter, the mineral-heavy material works less efficiently. To address this issue, you can use a product that you likely have on hand for pool water maintenance: muriatic acid.

In a bucket or large trash can, make a mixture of one part muriatic acid csrtridge 30 parts water. For safety, be sure to add the acid to the hod the water to the acid! In addition, wear appropriate protective gear. When you place the cartridge into the acid bath, there how to make tutus out of tulle be sdimming fizzing. This is the calcium reacting with the acid and with any organic matter such as body oils.

The reaction may continue for a few minutes. A word of warning : Some pool owners regularly how to clean a cartridge filter for swimming pool muriatic acid for routine cartridge maintenance, but some experts advise against doing so except in special cases for calcium removal.

The reason: If there are sticky bather wastes in the cartridge, the acid can actually lock any oils into the material, sdimming it up. Once your cartridges are clean, return them to the inside of the filter tank. Reassemble any attachments if necessary. Set the top portion of the filter tank firmly back in place, and tightly close the O-ring or other clamping mechanism. Turn the air release valve back to the closed position. Turn on the pump to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Hint: Caetridge a small amount of a silicon-based lubricant to the O-ring will help extend its serviceable life. When water consistently sprays out of the valve, there is no more air in bow system. The compound inhibits microorganisms from multiplying into a slimy film on cartridge material. The single biggest enemy of cartridge wear is brushing the material. Even a specialty tool for cartridge cleaning breaks down the material slightly each time its bristles or parts hit how to rock skinny jeans for girls fabric.

Properly caring for your pool filter cartridges as indicated can save you money in the long run. Above all, well-maintained filter cartridges will help keep your pool water looking too good to resist. Clean a pool cartridge filter: carttidge by step The role of your pool filter is to c,ean small pieces of debris floating in pool water and screen them out.

Turn off the system. Open the filter tank. Remove the cartridge s from the tank. Check cartridges for wear and tear. Remove debris from the cartridge material. Other tactics for removing stubborn debris and reducing water use If clearing out all of the debris from the pleats is difficult using only water, an air compressor, popl the two in tandem, other methods might be warranted. Degrease or deep clean the cartridge. Special process for mineral removal How to backup to icloud on iphone your pool water contains high amounts of calcium, deposits may form on the filter materials.

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Nov 12, Need a New Filter Cartridge? Shop here *** a pool cartridge filter is a part of general pool maintenance. This step-by-step vid. Simple Cartridge Can Be Cleaned With a Hose. Long-lasting Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter with fiberglass-reinforced, chemical resistant, polypropylene tanks are among the simplest to maintain. The easily accessible cartridge can be rinsed clean in minutes with a garden hose. Pool pros love the easy spin-on unions that provide fast hookup and.

They look a lot like the pleated air filter in your car, but with a center chamber. Pool filter cartridges trap dirt as the water is forced through the pleated polyester. Whether you have an in-ground or an above-ground pool filter cartridge elements work the same way, get dirty the same way, and are cleaned the same way.

There are many products that can help make your filter cleanings quick and effective. First step is to remove the filter cartridge from your filter tank. After the lid is off, you may need to separate individual cartridges if you have more than one from a manifold assembly. After the cartridge is out, take a chair and, through the use of pressurized water, blast the dirt and debris out of the pleats of the filter cartridge.

There are several options for how to best spray clean your cartridge filter. You can either do it manually or automatically. To clean a filter cartridge manually, you can use a garden hose or step it up a notch and check out these pool cartridge cleaning tools.

These all follow the same principle by attaching to a regular garden hose and forcing the water into small pressurized jets. This allows for sharp streams of water to get in between the pleats for a faster, more complete cleaning. In addition, the Pool Filter Wand combines a heavy duty brush to ensure that your filter is clean of all debris that may be lodged between the pleats of the cartridge. I have heard stories of pool owners taking their filter cartridges to the car wash or using their own pressure washer to clean the pool cartridge.

A little bit of pressure is good too much pressure, however and the fibers of spun polyester can separate or develop small holes. Most filter cartridge manufacturers recommend that high pressure cleaning not be used with pool filter cartridges.

To clean your pool cartridge automatically, you can use the Blaster Automatic Filter Cleaner. This handy contraption automatically spins your cartridge as it is thoroughly sprayed by jets of water. Its horizontal design allows for the dirt and debris to easily fall from the filter avoiding the lodging that occurs in vertical cleaning. The Blaster can clean most filter cartridges in just minutes, and is available in three sizes. Whichever route you decide to take, the most important thing to remember is that patience and care are key.

The more time you spend carefully cleaning your cartridge, the more dirt and debris you will be able to dislodge from the pleats of the filter. Remember if you clean your filter cartridge thoroughly each time, it will be that much easier to clean next time! Sadly, hosing them clean is as far as most people go to clean their filter cartridges. While the loose dirt and debris has been removed from the cartridge, there usually is a good amount of deposits still left on the cartridge that you may not be able to see.

Oily residues not only inhibit the filtering ability of the cartridge, but also makes it easier for dirt to become deeply embedded within the filter pleats. These two options work the exact same way. They mix with water to create a concentrated cleaning solution that will dissolve oil and scale.

Simply soak your filter in the solution overnight or for 24 hours after you have washed off all the loose dirt and debris. While these products work the same way, Filter Perfect utilizes enzymes to dissolve the oils on the filter, while our granular product is works more on mineral deposits. Once your filter cartridge is clean, rinse thoroughly with water and let dry completely before reinstalling.

For this reason, some pool owners buy an extra set of filter cartridges , to keep the pool filtering while cleaning the other set. If you keep up with regular cleanings, your filter cartridges should last longer. When the time between necessary cleanings becomes shorter, about half as long as it once was time to replace the filter cartridges.

Hi Davy! We recently purchased a cartridge filter system but have been experiencing white particles coming into the pool from the filter system. What are your thoughts on what is causing this? White particles? Not a common problem, but if say for example, chemicals were dumped into the skimmer, shock chlorine or pH decreaser , it could harm the cartridge.

Otherwise, if not the filter, it could be some sort of white mold, or Im not sure what else it could be, unless they are very tiny particles, which could be calcium or carbonates, normal stuff that clouds pool water, when filtration, sanitation or circulation is not optimum. They say these cleaners are citrus cleaners. Acids like citrus, vinegar, muriatic will remove calcium deposits and other forms of mineral scale from filters. Degreasers on the other hand, will remove oils and other sticky substances.

So you could use both, or one or the other depending on your particular water characteristics, but usually cartridges are both a bit scaly and a bit greasy, so a complete treatment would be a degreasing, followed by a descaling, followed by a rinsing or soaking, and then allowing them to dry fully before re-use, to kill remaining bacteria. Thanks much for the info. About to replace four filter cartridges but I decided to go ahead and use the G-L on my old ones.

I will definitely be getting some recommended cleaner for the new ones. Hi Jason, good question. Secondly, after cleaning, they should be allowed to dry fully before using again, to kill any bacteria which may be present, and which relies on water to live. This is why we recommend having a second set of cartridges available, so you can swap them out right away and allow the other set to dry fully for a few days. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Search for:.

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