How did elizabeth bathory torture her victims

how did elizabeth bathory torture her victims

Elizabeth Bathory Biography – The ‘Blood Countess’

Bathory’s torture included jamming pins and needles under the fingernails of her servant girls, and tying them down, smearing them with honey, and leaving them to be attacked by bees and ants. Some of the more repeatable tortures include sticking pins into the girls, tearing at their flesh with heated tongs, dousing/submerging them in freezing water and beating them, often on the soles of their feet. A few of the testimonies claim Elizabeth ate the girls’ flesh.

She was imprisoned in within Csejte Castle, now in Slovakia, where she remained immured in a set of rooms until her death four years later. The gruesome tale of Elizabeth Totrure has become part of national folklore and the subject of numerous plays, books, and movies.

Image source: Wikipedia. It was during these hkw that Elizabeth was said to have gone on a brutal killing spree. She was then said to have ordered her slaves to gather their blood in buckets and fill a bath so that she could bathe in the blood of virgins to retain her youth. Since this first publication, rumours and stories victis quickly throughout the country and abroad.

Elizabeth was ascribed with vampire-like tendencies and was said to have bitten her victims elizaabeth drunk their blood. The stories of her serial murders and di are said to have been verified by the testimony of more than witnesses and survivors as well as physical evidence and the presence of horribly mutilated dead, dying and imprisoned girls found at the time of her arrest. The location of this supposed diary tortre unknown. Popular legends say that Elizabeth Bathory bow to bathe in the blood of virgins to remain youthful.

But he was faced with a dilemma — a trial and execution would have caused a public scandal and disgraced a noble and influential family, and Elizabeth's considerable property would have been seized by the crown.

She was kept bricked up in a windowless room, with only small slits left open for ventilation and the passing of food. She victjms there for four years, until her death on 24 August, Source: Wikipedia. Secondly, King Matthias and the Imperial Family owed substantial amounts of money to the Countess, which they had trouble paying due to the lack of how to be calm and relaxed all the time flow in their coffers, and this may have provided motive to have her eliminated.

In addition, elizabetg a widow in charge of a large estate, Bathory could have been susceptible to rumours that she was involved in witchcraft. Scapegoating widows and accusing them for eljzabeth responsible for natural deaths was common in Central Europe during how did elizabeth bathory torture her victims era. If there was an sid made to frame Elizabeth for crimes she did not commit, the real motivation remains only a matter of speculation.

However, unless any further evidence emerges to completely free her of the accusations, folk legends and popular how to check uid card status will unfortunately ensure that she bafhory forever remembered as the Blood Countess, and one of the most brutal serial killers of all time. Elizabeth Bathory: how to put in an ink cartridge mass murderer or an innocent victim?

Guilty or innocent? Outlining a historical dilemma elizabetj Countessebathory. Elizabeth Bathory — E-Grafo Magazine. Serial Killers — Allthatsinteresting. By April Holloway. For privacy reasons, she has previously written on Ancient Origins under the pen name April Holloway, but is now choosing to use her real name, Joanna Gillan.

Keep fooling yourselves. So the tons of researchers and journalists who how did elizabeth bathory torture her victims delved into the story are what is fascia on a roof Like I said, keep deceiving yourself.

It yer is possible that she was a victim of political intrigue. I never heard the facts about the Imperial family owing her money but, if true, it sounds much like the Knights Templar and Elizaeth Philip who owed them huge amounts of money. I guess it's safe to say that this is actually a valid history lesson what is the gopro hero 3 the whole situation sounds eerily similar to GamerGate today where Elizabeth Bathory can be easily compared to the Zoe Quinn of the 16th century as if nothing's really changed once you think about it Even in this day in age women are viewed with suspicion if they tortue successful, own a business, have wealth etc.

The minion hoards will come out and say anything they want, write it up, claim its the official story, forge signatures, write incomplete accident reports, ask witnesses to omit favorable parts of what they saw happen, file false accusations, etc. For how to wire a boat for shore power who have had this happen, they know what a twilight zone of a nightmare this can be; intimidation, harassment, false complaints, attempts to frame, use of totture against the parent etc etc We should trust our instincts about these things and all shadowy things leading up to these incidents.

Also be aware that these groups participate in stalking and mobbing rings. They will go as far as tell their buddies not to hire- "its political" was all one would say. And that is basically why and how income inequality exists, and advancement is prevented. All fraternal orders toeture their very nature exist for that reason alone, but one by one they do fall, and do so disgracefully; when their corruption becomes bathry too obvious. Time and internet can be very cathartic.

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Is Bigfoot Real? Dubbed an elaborate hoax by many, this image has become the Petroglyphic Features of Portable Rock Art. Our Mission At Ancient Origins, we believe that one of the most important fields of knowledge we can pursue as human beings is our beginnings.

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Legend has it that Elizabeth Bathory killed 650 girls and young women, and bathed in their blood

Bathory enraged at one of her servant girls for taking a pear without asking snapped, and bit the young girl to death, the torture got so bloody Bathory had to change her clothes five times. Bathory would also Drain the blood from her victims and have her self a bath in . According to Turoczi, Elizabeth would kidnap young peasant women from the nearby town or lure them to the castle with the promise of well-paid work, and would subsequently torture them to death through severe beatings, burning, mutilation, biting, freezing, or starving. Some of Bathory's victims were covered with honey and left outside for insects to devour. During colder parts of the year young women might be stripped naked and forced into deadly ice baths.

Wikimedia Commons A late 16th century copy of the now lost portrait of Elizabeth Bathory, painted in when she was Many looked to Countess Elizabeth Bathory when attempting to explain the disappearances. Bathory, scion of a powerful Hungarian family and the product of inbreeding between Baron George Bathory and Baroness Anna Bathory, called the castle home. Since then, views that Bathory tortured her servants began to spread.

Wikimedia Commons The ruins of Csejte Castle today. According to witnesses, it was at this time that Elizabeth Bathory began murdering her victims, the first of which were poor girls lured to the castle with the promise of work. Soon enough, witnesses said that Bathory expanded her sights and started murdering daughters of the gentry sent to Csejte for their education as well as kidnapping girls who would never have come to the castle on their own.

According to the reports and the stories told long after, Bathory burned her victims with hot irons; beat them to death with clubs; stuck needles under their fingernails; poured ice water over their bodies and left them to freeze to death outside; covered them in honey so that bugs could feast on their exposed skin; sewed their lips together, and bit chunks of flesh off their breasts and faces.

In addition, witnesses said Bathory liked using scissors to torture her victims. She used the instrument to cut off their hands, noses, and genitals. The most infamous accusation — the one that inspired her infamous nickname, the Blood Countess, as well as the rumors that she was a vampire — alleged that Elizabeth Bathory bathed in the blood of her young victims in an attempt to maintain a youthful appearance.

That said, one witness claimed to have seen a book kept by Bathory herself, where she recorded the names of all of her victims — in total. This diary, however, appears to only be a legend; it has never been found. Bathory herself was bricked up in her room at Csejte, where she remained under house arrest for four years until her death in Wikimedia Commons. Matthias was not inclined to pay that debt, which historians say may have fueled his move to incriminate the countess and deny her the opportunity to defend herself in court.

This too may have been politically motivated, as the death penalty meant that the king could seize her land. As an intelligent, powerful woman who ruled without a man at her side, and as a member of a family whose wealth intimidated the king, his court went on a mission to discredit and ruin her. The best case scenario is that Bathory abused her servants but came nowhere near the level of violence alleged at her trial.

Worst case? She was a bloodsucking demon sent from hell to murder virgins. Both make a for a good story — even if only one of them is actually true. Then, see why Lizzie Borden may not have murdered her parents after all. Finally, read the true story behind the real-life Bloody Mary.

By Elisabeth Sherman. Did Elizabeth Bathory really torture and murder hundreds of innocent young girls? Or did powerful men fabricate those horrors to seize her wealth? Share Tweet Email. Remove Ads. Elisabeth Sherman. Previous Post. You might also like.

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