Dolphin browser how to use gestures

dolphin browser how to use gestures

Dolphin Browser For iOS Allows You To Use Your Own Gestures

Apr 28,  · How to Use Dol­phin Brows­er Ges­tures & Sonar For Pro­duc­tive Brows­ing on Android Gesture Support. With the gesture support, you can open websites and navigate browser functions like close or open tab Dolphin Sonar. Dolphin sonar, right next to . You can hold the Dolphin button on the bottom menu bar and swipe to the left or right icon to bring up Gesture/Sonar. Gesture is indicated with the finger icon, while Sonar is indicated with the microphone icon. You can also hold the Dolphin button on the bottom menu bar and swipe quickly to the upper left or upper right corner to bring up the Gesture/Sonar feature. Back to FAQs.

With smartphones evolving in both looks and performance, more and more people have started using it to browse the web. Though browsing websites on how to cite a report in mla format has its advantage, not all mobile browsers have come of age.

It gets dollphin job done but leaves so much to be desired. With the gesture support, you can open websites and navigate browser functions like close or open tab with a swipe of a finger. To use gestures, click on the small dolphin icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen or the menu bar and go to the gesture tab. Click on the settings button to open the browser gesture settings page.

Over here you can see gestures of common websites we visit like Facebook and Google. You can simply write a website name in the text field and press the OK button to add a gesture. Brwoser you make up your mind, colphin the Done button to gesthres the new gesture.

The dropdown tool at the top gives you lots of gesture ideas if you are not able to make up your mind. The more action button lets you configure the navigation gestures. Just have browsee look, no need to mug it up because as you use it more and more, you will soon memorize them.

Now go back to the gesture pad and draw your first gesture. If your fingers moved in a correct order, the corresponding action will take place. Dolphin sonar, right next to dolphin gesture, can be used to voice control Dolphin browser. You can open websites, navigate and search on Google by just talking to your phone.

Just shake your phone to bring up the dolphin sonar and start speaking. You can also say out the string you want to search on How to create a house of quality in excel, just dolphin browser how to use gestures sure that you are neither too loud nor too soft.

I am impressed with both the features and use it every day to make my browsing a little less complicated. Both the features go hand in hand. Want to save your pictures in Google Drive? Check out 3 ways to add photos to Google Drive from Android phones. Learn how to fix Google Search bar widget missing error in What is pound rate today phones.

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Create custom gestures

Aug 28,  · One app that really supports gesture-based control is the Dolphin browser. Dolphin includes a number of pre-defined gestures for actions such as refreshing the page, going back a page, scrolling of the bottom of the page, and opening a new tab. It also comes with a few pre-configured gestures to open specific websites such as Google. How to enable gestures in Dolphin Browser. May 07,  · Instead of seeming like something that was added in as an afterthought, the browser is built around using gestures. Starting Dolphin for the first time, it shows you gestures that you can use right away, such as sliding from the left edge gives you your list of favorites, favorites that go beyond Speed Dial, and sliding from the left gives you an easy view of all your open tabs.

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